Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Come, sweet beauties;
Meditators, yogis, lovers and seekers

You who have walked to Lhasa
On your knees
Meditated a lifetime
Sought the Kingdom in a 1,000 ways

You who have fallen in love
With silence, and
Adore the Holy One

Just listen . . .
There is an impulse
Moving thru silence

It's ringing
In your heart
It is the image of God
Knocking from the inside

There is a Divine Order
Moving thru time
Do you hear it?
It is just beyond your ears

It is calling you
To become your Self
To be the winged creature
That you are

Let that impulse fill your wings
Take flight in it's expression

Address the need
Arising in this moment
To express the Mother's love,
The Father's wisdom

You, who are swan-born
Came to this world for this
You came here . . .
Just for this

Oh, swept-winged beauties,
The flight of the swan

Poem by Chris McCombs

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michael on Essence Contact pt. 2

"...Once essence contact occurs between fragments it can never be denied on an essence or soul level. However it is often the case that the personality denies the experience because it is too frightening except for those fragments who seek spiritual growth, and even then the experience is often questioned and or relegated to the "well maybe something happened" arena. When validation does occur on a personality level, and especially when both fragments are able to mutually validate the experience, then exponential growth occurs and each fragment has more access to the positive poles of the Overleaves and to the life task, whatever that is."
from a private session used with permission
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Monday, September 28, 2009

John Muir on Flow

"We all flow from one fountain— Soul.

All are expressions of one love. God does not appear, and flow out, only from narrow chinks and round bored wells here and there in favored races and places, but flows in grand undivided currents, shoreless and boundless over creeds and forms and all kinds of civilizations and peoples and beasts, saturating all and fountainizing all."

John Muir's Letter to Miss Catherine Merrill, from The Yosemite Valley June 9, 1872

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health in Relationships: Implementation

The 7 Components of Health in Relationships: Implementation

from a series of channeling sessions

The previous two steps in creating Health in Relationships explored what the purpose of the relationships were followed by a look at the structure of the relationships. Both of these processes were reflective and not action oriented and gave us an opportunity to study the relationship, gaining deeper understanding about it before actually "doing" anything about changing it if needed. This third step takes us into action where we might begin by playing out in our minds what the relationship would look and feel like were it in a different structure. Give yourself time here to play with the different options for you may decide the relationship is just fine in it's current form, or not.


What does this relationship look like in the real world?

Do I need to make any changes? These can be as simple as adjustments.

Have I played with the changes in my mind? What would the relationship feel like if it were different?

Is this "right timing" for change?

artwork Blue Mandala

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Health in Relationships: Structure

The 7 Components of Health in Relationships

from a series of channeling sessions

The next step in understanding our relationships is considering their structure. This process can include looking at the name we give them: Friend, partner, husband, wife, colleague, client, neighbor and many other identifiers which fit within social order. Each name also implies certain expectations of codes of behavior which we learn when we are children... "If you are my husband then you should act this way" or "If we are friends then I expect you to be there for me" are examples as are "Neighbors should get along" and "24 hour notice for a cancellation" for a client. There are many such "codes" and depending on the structure of a given relationship, expectations are often placed on the other person and, if the chosen structure isn't the best one, then disappointment ensues. It's the old "trying to put a square peg in a round hole" idea!


*What is the Structure that best suits this relationship?
Be open minded when considering this question. Think of all options.
*In which direction is there natural flow of energy? Lovers, friends,working mates? Don’t try to force the structure to meet what you think you want.
*How does the other person see the relationship? Is it the same as the way you perceive it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Health in Relationships: Purpose

7 Components of Health in Relationships

from a series of channeling sessions

Most of us will experience many relationships throughout the course of our lives including with our parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, lovers, children, teachers, and coworkers.Understanding that some of these relationships may be enduring throughout our lives while others are short term can help us embrace change that is a natural part of life. We will have relationships that help us evolve during key times in our lives only to change and become less important as we continue down the path. The following is the first of seven excerpts from a channeling process with Michael that may help us identify which relationships are current and healthy.


Define and Understand the purpose of the relationship. Is it current?

It is helpful to be neutral during the examination of the relationship in order to avoid exaggeration of relevance and importance.


What are we learning together?

How much energy is there?

Does the other person participate fully or is there resistance?

Does the relationship increase or decrease my energy and focus?

Is the relationship growing as we each learn?
artwork by Daniel Holeman

Thursday, September 24, 2009



I honor the place in you
in which the entire Universe dwells.

I honor the place in you
which is of love, of truth,
of light and of peace.

When you are in that place in you
And I am in that place in me,
We are one.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Opening

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom". Anais Nin

Finding ourselves is a journey that takes a lifetime of unfolding as we muster the courage many times over to reach deeply into ourselves and bring forth the essence of who we understand ourselves to be in that moment. During our early years and before we are pushed into forms that are suitable for our parents and teachers, we sing, play, and dance our way through our days, stopping to rest when we need to, nourishing ourselves when our bodies insist, and experiencing life without fear and with joy.

We are open as the rose in full bloom.

Then as life happened, we learned that being open wasn't always safe. We began to close up, we became cautious and defended in order to protect our inner selves. This didn't happen overnight usually, it was a slow process but one that was effective. Many of us stopped dancing. We lost our voices. Our bodies and minds continued though to grow and we eventually became adults, "out in the world" and ready to make our mark! From the outside we looked fine, we even sounded fine. We might have even thought we were fine!

Then along came "mid-life". The Crisis as some people call it . A "Dark Night of the Soul" for some, coupled with pervasive feelings of unrest. The "who" we had learned to be no longer felt right.....there must be something more. The rose which had closed up so long before was quietly
whispering to us in the dark of night, "I need water, I am thirsty". And, if we listened, then gradually our rose began to open again, perhaps slowly at first, perhaps painfully, but opening nevertheless as we tended to her. A little pruning, fertilizer, attention and before long we were singing and dancing again! Our creative spark was awake! We were awake! And once we begin to be awake, then it is oh so hard to go back to sleep again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Choice, Life, and Everything in Between

You grieve you learn, You choke you learn
You laugh you learn, You choose you learn
You pray you learn, You ask you learn
You live, you learn

Alanis Morissette lyrics from Jagged Little Pill

Each day we make many choices from what time to get up in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, or not, what clothes to wear, whether to work, rest, or play. Whether to laugh, sing, or cry. Each of these choices can be simple ones or they can be fraught with struggle as our monkey minds fill our thoughts with shoulds and fear, telling us what we ought to be doing rather than what we truly want to be doing. And, while we learn no matter what choices we make, there are those made from our authentic selves and those made through fear. If in these moments of struggle we can take a moment to sit down in quietude and listen for our inner voice above the ruckus of our thoughts, then we can choose wisely and without fear.

Daily practice of positive choice making can then prepare us for the larger choices which come; leaving a long term relationship, changing jobs, moving our aging parents close-by. When we learn to make the simple choices from a place of essence, then we can make the larger choices from that same place.

All choice is valid. The question is, do you want to make choices from a place of fear or from love? It's up to you.
photo courtesy of photostock

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fall Equinox: A Time for Balance

"We have sown, we have tended
We have grown, we have gathered
We have reaped a good harvest
Lady, we thank you for your gifts
Lord, we thank you for your bounty
We thank you for all abundance in our lives"

adapted from the Poems of Mother Goose

The Fall Equinox occurs on Tuesday Sept. 22 at 5:18 pm EDT and marks the beginning of Fall, the entrance of the Sun into the sign Libra, and the balance between day and night which are, at this point in time, equal.

Here we have the opportunity to examine balance in our lives and to see with clarity where we experience harmony or balance and where we experience disharmony or discord. As we move into the Fall season, many of us turn again toward work after the summer reprise from the 9-5 or daily grind, having enjoyed some vacation time whether via travel or the new "staycation" where our home becomes our place of rest and renewal until it's time to return to work. Fall brings renewed focus which we can dedicate to new projects which will hold us in good stead through the winter season and into the spring.

Now is the time to honor the gifts you have received this year by making a Gratitude list and sharing it out loud with a friend or loved one. Look at how you give and receive in your life- is your giving equal to your receiving or are there imbalances here? What adjustments can you make to even out the Libran scales?

This is also a wonderful time to create a Giveaway Basket which can be shared at home, work, or with neighbors. What objects no longer hold a vibrant energy for you and could be deliciously appreciated by a new owner? Be brave! Even our most beloved collections can benefit from being passed on to another in the gratitude circle and the wonder is that when you give, you will also receive! Inviting friends over to share a meal and an informal giveaway circle is a way to work with the Equinox energies and enjoy time with loved ones.

Question: How can I bring more balance into my life?

Photo courtesy of photostock

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the Impact of Essence Contact (pt 1)

Excerpted from a private session with Michael and Victoria

QUESTION: Please comment on the ramifications of essence contact, including how it has an impact on both a person’s current life and those lives yet to come. What is it about essence contact that makes these rather expansive reverberations possible?

Michael: "We will start by saying the essence contact is perhaps the single most relevant experience to essence growth while on the physical plane and beyond. By this we mean to say that while fragments are incarnate as humans, those fleeting moments of essence contact which is experienced between two fragments "soul to soul" and without the constraints of the personality, are gems in a sea of physical plane strife and conflict. This is not to imply that all experiences on the physical plane are full of conflict, but rather to state that it is the physical plane that offers the most strident examples of fear and turmoil and the joyful experience of essence contact is in stark contrast to the fear and pain that many fragments experience ongoing. When a fragment is able to let down their guard if only for a moment in order to meet another fragment soulfully, then it is during those briefest of moments that the fragment can remember that he or she is part of a greater whole and that separateness is an illusion.
The release of the personality is not usually sustainable due to the impact of the outer world and the necessity of having a vehicle through which to interact. It is through the experience of the higher centers that essence contact occurs, and these higher centers are accessed through the moving center. This process does not imply that fragments need be moving physically in order to achieve contact and higher centered foci, but rather that there does need to be an expansion into these centers in order for the personality to drop away....."
photo V838 Monocerotis 4 months following star expansion via Hubble telescope

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Art of Not-Knowing

One of my spiritual teachers says there are 4 addictions that we can become caught in, and one of them is the Need to Know. At first glance, it might seem that asking questions in an effort to find answers is a productive and even necessary process, one that most of us learn during elementary education. "What is the answer, class?" is a common refrain heard from even the most seasoned teacher who is geared toward imputing information into the student followed by requiring the recitation of facts. Once the teacher has posed the question, hands shoot up into the air, "Pick me! I know the answer!" the enthusiastic students cry. Great rewards are given to those students who know.

Along the way we continue to learn many things and receive positive acknowledgement from the world at large when we demonstrate our knowledge including doctoral achievements and work place promotions. Suffice it to say, for those who don't know the "right" answers life can be challenging for there is little recognition which is bruising to the ego not to mention hard on the paycheck for those who seek promotions for their performance.

Then, as we age, there may come a time when we begin to question whether we really know as much as we thought we did. Perhaps some of the concepts which we have held tightly to as the glue in our view of the Universe ceased to feel as solid as they once did, being replaced by questions with no answers.

What happens after death?
How can I possibly know what is right for another human being?
Who or what is God?

And here we find the fertile realm of Not Knowing or what the Buddhists call "Beginners Mind".

If we assume that we know a person very very well, then in fact we may be closed off to surprises that this person may give to us. The operative word here is assume, for it is making the assumption that we know something with absolute certainty that closes us off to the sparkling creative process within each of us, the place of discovery! We may be blinded to new possibilities by our preconceptions. Adding the phrase "I don't know" to any thought can be liberating and help us to detach from the control our minds have over our feelings and help us release the stronghold of the ego which the opens the way for humility.

Suzuki Roshi said, “Not-knowing does not mean you don’t know." It means holding our opinions more lightly by being open and curious. Considering that maybe things are the way we think they are, and maybe not.

Question: How can I embrace uncertainty today?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nature of the Tao

Tao gives life to all beings.
Nature nourishes them.
Fellow creatures shape them.
Circumstances complete them.

Everything in existence respects Tao
and honors nature-
not by decree, but spontaneously.

Tao gives life to all beings.
Nature watches over them,
develops them,
nurses them,
grows them,
ripens them,
completes them,.
buries them,
and returns them.

Giving birth,
nourishing life,
shaping things without possessing them,
serving without the expectation of reward,
leading without dominating:
These are the profound virtues of nature,
and of nature's best things.

#51 from The Tao de Ching of Lao Tzu

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael Q & A: The Akashic Records

QUESTION: Please give an example of a specific inquiry as a way to explain how Michael used the Akashic records as a resource to give their response.

Michael: If a fragment asks for the overleaves of Mary Smith who currently lives in Toledo Ohio and is approximately 14 years of age, we instantaneously reference the location of the fragment in physical plane terms and at the same time locate the Akashic record for this physically incarnate fragment within which the overleaves of choice are included for these overleaves are an action that was taken by in this case a mature slave fragment. We would say that the overleaves are more recent in origin than the most recent past incarnation and all the subsequent information which is held within the record of choice. And also simultaneously or within moments (earth) we are able to download or transmit the information to the channel or medium.

If an inquiry occurs which does not include for example the overleaves then we simply sort to the appropriate area within the record much in the way a computer sorts out words or phrases for maximum impact and accuracy. In the case of past lives of note there are impulses which we translate at words to the medium and also impulses which we translate as picture if the medium is adept at receiving such data.

It is possible for us to locate several files which are of relevance and depending on the inquiry and the medium a choice is made as to which file of information is "unpacked". Regardless then of which files are chosen, and whether they are expressed through words or pictures, they tell the same story based on the information recorded in the Akasha.
Excerpted from a private session with Victoria and used with permission.
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The 4 Shamanic Healing Salves: Storytelling

The Shamanic Healing Salve or ointment of the south is Storytelling. The telling of stories happens every day in many ways including sharing our day, recounting moments from long ago as well as the deeper healing that occurs when we open our hearts and tend to our childhood wounds.

In many indigenous cultures, rites of passage are honored by individual time in the desert or mountains where the questor experiences direct interaction with the Spirit world. It is during these sojourns that life stories are told through prayer and song, appealing to the Spirits for healing and empowerment. When the solo time is complete, the initiate returns to the circle of elders where he or she shares in detail what happened and then receives wise feedback about the unique "medicine" that has been granted due to the surviving the ordeal. Sometimes the Talking Stick is used which is held by the individual as the group listens without comment, honoring their time until the stick is passed around the circle. It is at this time that a new story begins and the past is left behind.

In modern culture, psychotherapy has in many ways replaced this tribal tradition as the client and therapist explore stories that have had meaning in the life of the storyteller. Sometimes the therapist will also share a personal story which becomes part of the deeper healing modality and together a new story is woven which then becomes the guiding compass for the client. It is through this storytelling experience that healing takes place and trust is developed which can then be nurtured in relationship with Self, others, and the larger community.

Question: What are the new stories that I am creating today?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Life Task Part One

“We would say that in the most simple terms the life task is the focus which your essence has chosen in a particular incarnation as one with the most pertinent impact in terms of soul evolution.”

“Once the 4th internal monad is complete,then true work on the life task can begin in earnest.”

Michael from a personal session with Victoria

Your Life Task is what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime and can be broad in scope with many possible ways through which to experience it, or more focused or narrow with more specific means through which to meet the goal you have chosen. Some examples of life tasks are "personal power", "world truths having to do with stability","determining what is real", "appreciation of the physical plane", "responsibility", "understanding tonality", "equality", "structures necessary for sustainability". These are a few examples and of course there are many more! The early part of our lives are dedicated to our family of origin, maturation, and foundation level life task work. The task itself however is not fully engaged until post 4th monad when the true personality emerges and until then, we may be learning the necessary skills to accomplish our task through education and life experiences. Once the monad in complete, then essence is more available to us and we can begin to focus on the task at hand which usually takes some 20 plus years to complete.
I will be posting more information about the Life Task in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!
photo by Brad Stone

Monday, September 14, 2009

Moon in Cancer: True Home

Monday's Moon in Cancer gives us the opportunity to focus on our True Home, or our physical environment that nurtures us. While the recent Taurus Moon gave us pause to kick up our feet outside in the garden, Cancers influence allows for our deeper Moon nature to be expressed through our home environment. Some folks love to live by the ocean, others in the mountains. Urban does the trick for some with a fast lifestyle, lots of interaction, corner Peets coffees and loads of cultural events to attend. For some the more laid back pace of a rural setting is more to their liking with bicycles, walking paths, and a small home town feel which, to them, nurtures their soul.
Looking more closely within your home itself you might find many personal photos, a warm fireplace, and a cozy stuffed chair. Or, you might enjoy the clean lines of a modern granite kitchen, open space and carefully chosen object d'art to complement your taste in fine art. What's most important is that you feel positive and nurtured in the home setting of your choice and in this way it is True for you.
Question: What is True Home for me?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michael on Choice

"We teach this basic concept because it is the Universal truth which ultimately cannot be denied. We teach that love is the highest truth, and that love is greater than fear. In terms of how we see choice, we understand the myriad of choices which are available at any given time, and this includes the choice to remain seemingly non responsive which of course is still a choice. It has taken us many lifetimes and countless incarnations to fully understand this concept, and we see resistance on the part of many or even most fragments with regard to this concept. When fragments who are in the earlier phases of the evolutionary cycle cling to the personal truth that there is only one truth, "black and white" thinking, and which relate to "right and wrong", then the concept of choice is severely limited because the options are only "this or that", rather than shades of gray and all matters in between. Of course, there are times when choices are less than abundant, but they are there nonetheless. Suffice it to say that we see the larger picture, but it is understandable how a fragment from the vantage point of the physical plane is limited to a more narrow range of choices, primarily due to perception."

Michael Speaks excerpted with permission from a private session.
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thoughts from the Sea

"One learns to accept the fact that no permanent return is possible to an old form of relationship; and, more deeply still, that there is no holding of a relationship to a single form. This is not tragedy but part of the ever-recurrent miracle of life and growth. All living relationships are in process of change, of expansion, and must perpetually be building themselves into new forms. But there is no single fixed form to express each changing relationship. There are perhaps different forms for each successive stage; different shells I might put in a row on my desk to suggest the different stages of marriage- or indeed of any relationship...."

from Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The Universe is constantly creating and changing, bringing new forms
into being just as old ones pass away. Birth, life, decay, death, rebirth.

Curiosity * Openness * Awareness * Grace

Remaining present to what is occurring while being open to what may unfold without attachment or the need to direct the course of events gives us all the opportunity for true joy. What a delight!

Question: What surprises are here for me today?

*photo courtesy of Photostock

Friday, September 11, 2009

How We Evolve: The Nature of Intimacy

According to the Michael Teachings

“By intimacy we mean, of course, valid Essence contact. This is the only source of growth and evolution, for it is the only function of love. Essence contact is the purpose of love, if it is necessary for love to be perceived as having a purpose. It is more accurate that essence contact IS love, untrammeled by the distortions of species or the chief features of the Overleaves. When true intimacy occurs, all that is “there” for the contact is Essence and casting order. All else is “set aside”. from Michael's People by CQ Yarbro

The Basics:

Essence contact is sometimes experienced as quiet, restful, expansiveness, being "one" with the Universe, a “dropping away” of the personality. It is not the “fireworks” of body type attraction but can be experienced during sexual interactions.

Essence contact is always with another fragment (not with self) and can be occasionally experienced when out of physical proximity to the other fragment. This is usually with cadence and entity mates, essence twin or task companion.

The Positive Poles of 5 of the Overleaves need be in effect for Essence Contact to occur.

Essence contact can occur when the higher centers are activated but cannot occur when they are not.

There are no “tricks” to Essence contact, it is “simple”.

The chief features and fear tend to distort and invalidate the experience, but once it is validated by the fragment, it cannot be erased.

Being in the moment with no expectations leads to more awareness and intimacy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 4 Shamanic Healing Salves: Singing

All Shamanic cultures hold as true that there are 4 World Healing Salves: Singing, Storytelling, Silence, and Dance. Throughout these indigenous cultures, Healing salves or Ointments are given an honored place in the community and not saved for special occasions as is often true in Western cultures. When practiced daily, the 4 Healing Salves help bring balance and joy to everyday life.

Singing, the "Medicine" of the East, is one which we easily hear from the children's playground. From the time children are small, they hum, laugh, sing little songs, and express themselves joyfully! In fact, most children will naturally express through song, impromptu rhymes, and stories while singing. Unfortunately along the way many of us heard that we "couldn't carry a tune" or "didn't sing well enough", dampening our creative spark and quelling our natural voice.

A question asked by one of my shamanic teachers is "When did you stop singing?" She said that it was at that moment we first lost our voice, experiencing soul loss and that now, as adults, we can reclaim a part of ourselves by remembering our favorite song from childhood and singing it out loud. I remember fondly and with great admiration the day she sang "Zippety Doo Dah" with enthusiasm as we all listened. What a joyful moment! She mirrored to us all how we can practice the healing medicine of singing and begin by reclaiming our own voice and joy. When we sing, others sing too.

Question: What was your favorite song as a child?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moon in Taurus: Love in the Afternoon

With Mercury in retrograde, it is a nice respite to embrace this month's moon in Taurus which takes place Wednesday and Thursday Sept. 9th and 10th. Why not go with the flow and take a break, sit in the garden, bake some bread? This months Taurus Moon is very sensual and enjoys good food, friendship, relaxation and above all comfort. Put up your feet and stay awhile!

Positive and practical, this Moon is strongly artistic and creative but also clear in its ability to make good solid decisions. A good time to save for a rainy day, think realistically and prepare for the upcoming Gemini moon which is communication oriented; sparks may fly with this current retrograde as exchange become muddled and unclear. Put things in order now with the help of Taurus and then be flexible on Friday when the Moon moves into the air sign of Gemini and Pluto goes direct. Working with Moon energies can be rewarding and fulfilling. Today is the day to appreciate art, music, and all that is beautiful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 3 Sizes of Truth and Perceptual Differentiation

It was in the spring of my 28th year when I remembered that reincarnation was true.

Several days prior I had asked a family friend if one had to believe in reincarnation to send your kids to a Waldorf school. His response was puzzlement! Looking back on the months before that conversation I had actually been asking some questions but with no definitive rational answer which I could wrap my mind around. I couldn't think my way to an solution! Then one morning I woke up, opened my eyes and thought "Reincarnation....Yea, that's right".

What I have just shared was the intersection of what the Michaels call a Personal truth (my own perceptions), Sleep or a World truth, and Reincarnation, a Universal Truth. They call this the 3 Sizes of Truth:

Personal Truth: What is true for an individual including preferences, perceptions, attitudes, their personal history. Can change during a lifetime.

World Truth: What is true on this planet Earth. Examples are gravity, atmospheric conditions, exchange, the Sun.

Universal Truth: What is true throughout the Universe. Love and Fear are examples of Universal truth as is Reincarnation and the number 7.

One of the most significant points of conflict between people has to do with varying personal truths or what Michael calls "Perceptual Differentiation". We see through our own eyes and what one person sees is not necessarily the same as what another sees, yet both are sure they are correct! A helpful study is to compare and contrast what is true for you, what you can validate through experience, study, and observation as well as what is true for others. The next step is to allow them to have their own perceptions without the need to change them in any way even if you think you are right! Recognizing where perceptual differentiations of personal truth exist is the first step in reducing conflicts and creating more harmony in our lives and in our world.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Detachment and the True Nature of Compassion

"Everything is equally unimportant" -Don Juan speaking to Carlos Casteneda

I remember standing in line at the bank in 1975 and reading The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Casteneda and unbeknownst to me at the time, a lifelong interest in shamanism was taking root. I was literally spell bound, reading word for word the saga of Carlos in the desert, usually making quite a fool of himself as he trounced along with his intellectual concepts which were often times met with uproarious laughter on the part of the wise Shaman Don Juan. It was during this read that I first came face to face with what I would later come to realize were lessons in detachment.

Most of us learn that being compassionate is understanding anothers pain which often includes helping to ease that pain, listening with rapt attention, and most importantly problem solving in order to create a "better" outcome for our friend. All in the spirit of helping of course! But what Don Juan is speaking to is that when we become entangled albeit with the best of intentions with other people's issues, then we lose our own vital energies. We can become tired, confused, frustrated, and even sorrowful. Understanding with compassion does not by nature imply that action need be taken, and in fact it may imply the exact opposite: being a witness to the joys and sorrows of our friends lives while respecting their personal space gives them the wonderful gift of compassionate detachment.

Viewing the world through the lens of detachment allows us to encourage choice. When we support others in making their own choices even if we do not necessarily agree with those choices shows respect and promotes equality. And, when we detach with love then we avoid the traps of fear which include control, manipulation, and anxieties. We can turn off our thoughts which are judgmental and very convincing, instead focusing on our hearts, opening to love while remembering that we cannot with certainty know what is right for another human being. It is then that we may experience agape or true compassion.

Life Transitions: The 7 Internal Monads

"In terms of what makes Monadal change possible, we would say it is a culmination of both internal and external factors which ally together to create the necessary incubation for the perceptual shift to occur.” Michael 2009

During the course of our lives there are many transitions, turning points or markers where we cross into new territory. The 7 Internal Monads as discussed in the Michael Teachings are age specific and include birth, the "terrible twos", adolescence, mid-life crisis, life review, the onset of whatever will cause death, and the last breath. Every person engages the 1st (birth), 6th (onset), and 7th (death) in each life, and the remaining (2-5) need be accomplished during each soul level in order for progress to occur. (to the next level). There are also positive and negative poles for each monad and the monads build upon each other.

Birth age 0 - Life + Vitality The taking of the first breath

2nd 2-3 -Solipsism + Identity Differentiation from the mother

3rd 12-30 -Separation +Independence Differentiation from family of origin

4th 35-50 -Acquiescence +Self realization True personality emerges from false

5th 65-75 -Evaluation +Appreciation Life Review

6th variable - Capitulation +Catharsis Onset of whatever will prove fatal

7th variable -Fatalism +Transcendence Begins with the last breath

During these transitions perceptual changes occur within which then allows each person to relate to the external world in a different way based on the new understanding of the Self. And, as Michael has said, there are usually external factors which occur which propel the individual toward internal processing which is the hallmark of each monad.

I will be discussing each monad in detail during the upcoming months so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pluto in Capricorn: Gold in the Shadow

On Sept. 11th Pluto will once again station at 0 degrees Capricorn and turn direct, focusing its penetrating eye on the fundamental structures of our lives including the financial system and anything which needs "adjustment". In March of 2008 Pluto first entered Capricorn after a long stay in Sagittarius (its orbit is 248 years so it is in each sign for a long while) as we saw the first glimpse of its intention with the fall of Bear Stearns and the beginning of the global economic meltdown. During the summer of 2008 Pluto was again retrograde and we had a brief respite from the transformational process, some time to "regroup" before its next efforts which began Sept. 10th of 2008 as it moved directly into Capricorn and well, we all know what happened in the following months! It was during this time that the beginning of Pluto's intentions became apparent: to rebalance power that was out of control and in favor of the small majority at the top, those who had used power inappropriately through greed and manipulation. The shadowy underbelly of our monetary systems began to be revealed which included corruption, deceit, and behind the scenes wrangling which cost millions of dollars for those who had trusted the very basis of our banking system. Pluto had begun its journey through Capricorn by showing us what needed changing.
Fast forward to Sept. 2009: In the next week Pluto will again move direct in Capricorn, this time at 0 degrees with the Sabian Symbol "An Indian Chief Claims Power from the Assembled Tribe" or "the power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership".
This symbol speaks to the need for decisive leadership which will guide the community to ensure its physical survival, depending on group cooperation to achieve the greater goals for the common man. It is easy to see how this symbol is playing out with President Obama's focus on reforming health care and his stepping up to the plate in order to provide health care for millions who are unable to afford it. Here Pluto is demonstrating that power has been held by the Pharmaceutical companies and cooperations who have locked up our health care system with rising costs which literally have disregarded the needs of the many and supported the bank accounts of the few. We have first row seats as Pluto works his magic on this aspect of our system which is drastically in need of reform.

On a more personal level, Plutonian transits most usually affect us in deep ways, most of them unsettling to say the least as they plumb the depths of our fears, in this case related to survival and abandonment. Over the past year many of us have pared down, gone "back to basics" and reevaluated what was of true importance to us. Pluto will never take away that which truly belongs to you, but it will challenge you to let go of that which is not yours, or which is outworn and outdated. A look at where transiting Pluto is in your astrological chart (0 Capricorn) will indicate where Pluto is working on your own psyche as well as where it is natally (your birth chart), the two of which can provide some valuable insight as to where your own transformational Plutonian process is taking place.

Take heart for even as Pluto destroys it always transforms and rebirth occurs. Due to its slow planetary movement, the process is a bit grinding, giving us all plenty of time to surrender to the process of change. It may not be comfortable, but there is always "gold" in the shadow and this is the reward of the transformational process.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Process and Product

Process and Product, Water and Mountain, Movement and Stillness, Action and Non Action. All are necessary, each in their own time and place. Grace.

It is an illusion that our goals are what we need to achieve without fail, for the "gold" is in the process of uncovering and unfolding as we become more fully awake, more aware, more joyful.

To focus only on that which you believe you want while ignoring that which is occurring in this moment is like the glacier cutting it's way through the mountain while looking only at the horizon! The product will come, it will come.

And for now be awake in the moment and live joyously. Breathe deeply. Listen. Let go of fear. Trust in the process. Love madly....this moment is all we have.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going with the Flow

Clients will often ask me how they can create what they want in their lives. They believe they are clear on what they want because they think about it all the time, write about in a journal, seek advice, recite affirmations and so on and yet whatever their goal is , it remains elusive.

The solution is deceptively simple: It is the "Wu Wei" of Taoist thought or "The Way" which is non resistance to that which is. Acceptance of the moment with the knowledge that it is perfect.

How do you know that this moment is the "right" moment for you? Because it exists.

Take for example a day when you want to sit in your garden and enjoy the beauty of nature yet you struggle internally with the need to work. Accepting that there is time to work with joyousness and knowing that there is time to sit in the garden also relieves us of the struggle that ties us up internally. There will be another time for the garden or work, just as there will be time for many other things.

A helpful question might be "Which way is the River flowing here"? This is to say the natural flow of energies are in the direction of work, then accepting that as a positive choice can relieve one of the anxiety of struggle. If it is flowing in the direction of the garden, then you can make a choice to fully experience that moment with openness and delight without another thought of work!
Each and every thought is a choice and you can choose to think positively, or not. It's up to you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Power of Choice

For the past 30 years I have been studying The Michael Teachings and perhaps the single most impactful insight for me has been the Power of Choice.

Every day we have the opportunity to choose, from the moment we wake, to the coffee or tea we drink, to how our day unfolds.

But most of us grew up being told that we had no choice. From what class you were in, to whether you were picked to be on the best soccer team, to who your friends were. Even if we were lucky enough to choose our new best friend, then there was usually a message close at hand telling us that we "just got lucky" or "you can't always get what you want". Lots of messages came our way, some of them relatively benign but pervasive nevertheless and some more poisonous and lethal.

As adults we have the choice to change our perspectives and become active participants in the creative process of every day living. A small shift in perception can begin with "I am choosing" rather than "I have no choice". There is power in language, power in our thoughts and in the words we speak. Changing the lens through which you view life can have positive effect on not only yourself but on those you love, for it is through love that we experience intimacy and it is through intimacy that we evolve.

We learn by experiencing life. We evolve by validating the truth of choice and through the awareness that the power of choice brings to us.


Dear Ones,

Welcome! I was tempted to type "We are here with you tonight" but I know that's been used before most notably in 1971, Walnut Creek, California with a little group that has since become pretty well known, at least in this circle.

The intention of this blog will be to share with you what I have
learned over the past 18 years while working on my life task.
My idea is to post thoughts on topics such as the Michael
Teachings, shamanism, astrology and other occult studies. It's about the intersection of the mundane with the sacred, how we apply these spiritual teachings to our lives in such a way as to promote a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships, our choices and purpose. It's not magic. But there is a larger tapestry that weaves us all together, and different "maps" for studying where we came from, where we are, and where are are headed.

I look forward with great curiosity to how this process will unfold,
and thank you for your participation!

With many Blessings,