Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moon in Taurus: Love in the Afternoon

With Mercury in retrograde, it is a nice respite to embrace this month's moon in Taurus which takes place Wednesday and Thursday Sept. 9th and 10th. Why not go with the flow and take a break, sit in the garden, bake some bread? This months Taurus Moon is very sensual and enjoys good food, friendship, relaxation and above all comfort. Put up your feet and stay awhile!

Positive and practical, this Moon is strongly artistic and creative but also clear in its ability to make good solid decisions. A good time to save for a rainy day, think realistically and prepare for the upcoming Gemini moon which is communication oriented; sparks may fly with this current retrograde as exchange become muddled and unclear. Put things in order now with the help of Taurus and then be flexible on Friday when the Moon moves into the air sign of Gemini and Pluto goes direct. Working with Moon energies can be rewarding and fulfilling. Today is the day to appreciate art, music, and all that is beautiful.

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