Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 3 Sizes of Truth and Perceptual Differentiation

It was in the spring of my 28th year when I remembered that reincarnation was true.

Several days prior I had asked a family friend if one had to believe in reincarnation to send your kids to a Waldorf school. His response was puzzlement! Looking back on the months before that conversation I had actually been asking some questions but with no definitive rational answer which I could wrap my mind around. I couldn't think my way to an solution! Then one morning I woke up, opened my eyes and thought "Reincarnation....Yea, that's right".

What I have just shared was the intersection of what the Michaels call a Personal truth (my own perceptions), Sleep or a World truth, and Reincarnation, a Universal Truth. They call this the 3 Sizes of Truth:

Personal Truth: What is true for an individual including preferences, perceptions, attitudes, their personal history. Can change during a lifetime.

World Truth: What is true on this planet Earth. Examples are gravity, atmospheric conditions, exchange, the Sun.

Universal Truth: What is true throughout the Universe. Love and Fear are examples of Universal truth as is Reincarnation and the number 7.

One of the most significant points of conflict between people has to do with varying personal truths or what Michael calls "Perceptual Differentiation". We see through our own eyes and what one person sees is not necessarily the same as what another sees, yet both are sure they are correct! A helpful study is to compare and contrast what is true for you, what you can validate through experience, study, and observation as well as what is true for others. The next step is to allow them to have their own perceptions without the need to change them in any way even if you think you are right! Recognizing where perceptual differentiations of personal truth exist is the first step in reducing conflicts and creating more harmony in our lives and in our world.


  1. This is worth reading many more times...Thanks for posting and we are all for reducing conflicts.


  2. You're most welcome, thank you for posting!