Saturday, September 26, 2009

Health in Relationships: Structure

The 7 Components of Health in Relationships

from a series of channeling sessions

The next step in understanding our relationships is considering their structure. This process can include looking at the name we give them: Friend, partner, husband, wife, colleague, client, neighbor and many other identifiers which fit within social order. Each name also implies certain expectations of codes of behavior which we learn when we are children... "If you are my husband then you should act this way" or "If we are friends then I expect you to be there for me" are examples as are "Neighbors should get along" and "24 hour notice for a cancellation" for a client. There are many such "codes" and depending on the structure of a given relationship, expectations are often placed on the other person and, if the chosen structure isn't the best one, then disappointment ensues. It's the old "trying to put a square peg in a round hole" idea!


*What is the Structure that best suits this relationship?
Be open minded when considering this question. Think of all options.
*In which direction is there natural flow of energy? Lovers, friends,working mates? Don’t try to force the structure to meet what you think you want.
*How does the other person see the relationship? Is it the same as the way you perceive it?

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