Friday, August 27, 2010

When the Unexpected Happens

How many times do we set our sights on a specific outcome only to find our later that there is not only little likelihood that the result will be exactly as we had hoped, but that the outcome that does occur might in fact be a better one than we had envisioned? It is human nature to want to know and this includes knowing what, when, and how something will happen followed by the inevitable why did it happen or why might it happen this way or that?  All in the future and ripe for confusion and fear at worst and avoidance of the moment at best. Our minds seem to wander easily to an unending labyrinth of possibilities many of which may be based on fears, some on hopes, but all on thinking of what may occur which lands us in future trippin' or caught up in the past.

Take for example a young woman who wanted to enroll in the college of her choice. She was bound and determined to study at UC Berkeley and was profoundly disappointed when she was not accepted due to over enrollment. One scenario here is that she then regrouped, applied to another college where she had several major agreements waiting and saw in retrospect that this college was a better fit for her. Another would be that when she was denied entry into her first choice college, she decided that she was going to become a lobbyist for education reform and based on her experience chose a different life plan.

We are only limited by our inability to be in the moment and to accept life as it is. The next time you find yourself in a situation where the unexpected happens, take a breath and remind yourself that all is well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer Note

It's the end of summer and I am taking a week or two off from writing. Just wanted you all to know that in September I will return to writing my twice weekly blogs. Have a wondrous
August and all the very best to you!


Friday, August 13, 2010


"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Body Types: Here Comes the Sun

As some of you know, I live on the coast of northern California about 20 miles south of San Francisco. What is often referred to by locals as "heaven on earth" about 9 months of the year becomes a fog laced haven of summer weather, often times bringing cold spells that are good fortune for those folks who live over the hill on the peninsula as they come here for relief from the heat but become weary days for those of us living by the ocean. Now of course I don't speak for all coastal dwellers, but it is common theme in July and August.

Facing another Sunday of fog, I realized that I was perhaps quite sensitive to the lack of sun and that this sensitivity might relate to my chosen primary body type, Solar. Give me a mildly sunny day, not too hot and not too cold, about 72 degrees and Im a happy camper! Today even with the prospect of sun which began with increased light, I began to feel much improved both in terms of energy and attitude. I am thinking then that the various body types of which there are 7 and include Solar, Lunar, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury (quite planetary aren't they)each respond more favorably to certain conditions than others, with Solar needing both light and warmth. The positive pole is Radiance with the negative pole Ethereal which has an insubstantial or fragile quality to it with Solar body types tending toward delicate features including bone structure (facial, hands, feet)and overall frame. When Solar types are in the positive, they tend to have a brightness about them which comes from within and when in the negative they can appear sickly and almost breakable.

The body types are usually chosen in pairs with one being the dominant for a person; for example 85% Solar, 15% Mercury or 75% Jupiter, 25% Mars. The choice of specific body type combinations are made in order to support completion of the Life Task and genetic predispositions from the parents are then used as the template prior to birth; in other words, the available genetic body types are part of the decision making process prior to birth and the body type emerges as the fetus grows, fully in place at the time of birth. If you need say Mars and Venus for your life task, then choosing parents who have those types in their genetic makeup will be useful. Efforts made during the course of the life to adhere to cultural standards of beauty which may or may not be your body type are likely to lead to frustration as the body is what the body is. But that topic is a large one and another blog.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Your Daily Tolle

"If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace. If peace mattered to you more than anything else and if you truly knew yourself to be spirit rather than a little me, you would remain nonreactive and absolutely alert when confronted with challenging people or situations. You would immediately accept the situation and thus become one with it rather than separate yourself from it. Then out of your alertness would come a response. Who you are (consciousness), not who you think you are (a small me), would be responding. It would be powerful and effective and would make no person or situation into an enemy."

Eckhart Tolle from Oneness With All Life

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michael on Intimacy Part 2

"All sentient species experience intimacy and such is not limited to this physical earth and propels fragments forward in evolution on every inhabitable planet or every spacial area where ensouled life exists. Individual fragmentation may not appear to you and to your human eyes as ensoulement but we will assure you that there is truth here. Other avenues also practiced by other sentient species and which are a direct avenue to intimacy are the "Trues" – including Rest and Play. We cannot emphasize this enough. You might in fact learn much from Cetaceans, many of whom have become expert in the experience of true intimacy through True Play. Unfortunately, many human fragments consider play a waste of time because it is not work. We assure you it is relevant and should you choose to express the true personality you have chosen in this incarnation."