Friday, April 29, 2011

What if we are the sum total of all lives lived? (excerpt from Spiritual Turning Points)

"When children are born, they may have continuing access to their most recent past incarnation through dreams, night terrors if the life ended abruptly or violently, as well as past life memories that can be surprising in detail. Nature-based cultures tend to pay attention when dreams and memories are shared, often in the form of imaginary play for the young child or in the actual telling of stories such as “I was a tall man who wore long boots” or “I remember riding horses.” Westerners unfortunately lend little credence to these moments of peeking into the past and instead assume they are the creation of a vivid imagination! At about the age of seven, sometimes earlier, the child enters first grade, experiencing the initial Saturn square Saturn transit, i.e., let’s get down to work now and the days of free imagination fade into the background as homework and structured learning become the focus. Even so, as the child matures, the experiences from past lives are an integral part of who he or she is on a soul level and cannot be erased even if memories are not conscious and continue to function as an undercurrent in the life. During early childhood and the primary school years, gifts and talents that were developed in past lives may come to the fore; a budding pianist begins to play technically advanced sonatas as the age of eight, a ten-year-old has an amazing aptitude for mathematics, and a seven-year-old shows grace beyond her years when spending time in prayer at her local church. All of these talents and interests were part of past lives and show up in the present to the amazement of the parents and teachers."

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Review!

Yesterday I received this message from long time Michael student Mari Lynn that I would like to share. It's rewarding to hear that Spiritual Turning Points is helping so many.

"Victoria--I am now reading your book, you have NO IDEA how much "JUICE" I am getting out of it!!! Holy cow--its, amazing!! As I finish up the 4thIM internal work...yep, I am beginning to enter that "steppin' out" phase 2. I am so grateful to have this book now to validate my experiences.....and, whew--there have been many!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mari Lynn"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Listen to my Radio Interview!

I was the featured guest on Contact Radio's Adventures in Density and Effort with Joan Newcomb where I discussed my book Spiritual Turning Points!  You can click on the link and it will take you directly to a page where you can download it or listen.  Enjoy!      

April 12th Radio Interview

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's a Monad Anyway? (Spiritual Turning Points Book excerpt)

What’s a Monad Anyway?

"A little background on where the term Monad originated: in the 1970s a small group of students of Metaphysics and more specifically George Gurdjieff, an Armenian/Greek mystic and spiritual teacher born in 1866, were meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area. One night while using an Ouija board they contacted Michael, a spirit entity that over time transmitted an entire system of soul evolution to them that was later published in a series of books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. As part of this system, the term “monads” began to be used to describe both internal and external experiences.

The Michael Definition of the 7 Internal Monads:

“An Internal Monad is a process that is self-contained and experienced by one fragment as a result of a necessary and pivotal developmental phase....The monads are a process through which maturation occurs and includes the following: Birth, Separation from the Mother or the Terrible Twos, Independence from the Family of Origin, Casting off of the False or Learned Personality, Life Review, the onset of what is Fatal and causes Death, and Death itself or the last breath. We would then define the internal monads as self contained internal “units” of experience.”  (Marina-Tompkins c. 2009)

Anthropologist Vic Turner defined the concept of liminality, a threshold state where what has been known is fading away and what will be does not yet exist. In his seminal book ‘Transitions’, William Bridges introduced the concept of 3 transitional segments including a beginning, limbo or neutral state, and an end. Modern psychology includes Jean Piaget’s Stage Theory, Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Human Development, and BF Skinner’s studies in child development.  All recognize progressive natural stages of human development.  The addition of the spiritual or Soul perspective is a key element in understanding these life transitions and helps us to validate the higher truths of reincarnation that are not considered in traditional psychological theories.

The combination of higher spiritual perspectives with the aforementioned psychological studies provides a well-rounded understanding of the nature of human evolution. Singularly they each offer information that helps us accept the rhythms of life. Without the perspective of soul awareness we do not see the larger picture and one that offers us a glimpse into the nature of the Universal truths of reincarnation and choice."

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Art of Living Joyfully

The Art of Living Joyfully

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." -Rumi
What is Joy? When we think of living joyfully images of laughing with friends, playing with children, dancing in the aisles when the spirit moves you, may come to mind. Or for some, sitting on a favorite beach, walking in a redwood forest, or making a favorite meal.

A Life Made by Hand. Here we find the key to living authentically we we make choices based on what we feel is true for us, what Speaks to our Soul. It is said that during the middle ages artisans would create personal masterpieces made with stained glass, taking an entire lifetime to create! Each piece of glass added was chosen carefully for color, texture, and design, and not until it was clear that it truly fit into the pieces already in place would it be carefully added on a permanent basis. Over time, a unique and beautiful expression of personal truth would emerge, appreciated by many for years to come.

Modern life really doesn't need to be different in terms of making choices based on personal preferences. For some, a walk in the park at dusk is a joy filled experience while for others, love of family and community offers deep satisfaction. The key here is to enhance the possibilities! 

Living in Joy at Home
Common Areas: Creating a positive environment for joy when at home can include eliminating distractions. Take a look at your living room; Is it free from clutter and chaos? Are there old magazines you meant to read sitting around? Things that used to be meaningful but are now taking up space? It might only take an hour to make changes that help to set the stage for a more peaceful and loving feeling at home. For readers, a comfy chair and side table might do the trick while for sports enthusiasts the big screen television with plenty of chair and leg room for visiting friends might offer more comfort for Sunday afternoon get togethers. Feng Shui expert Erica Sofrina counsels to keep the energy moving and clear, free from obstructions that dampen the natural flow of Chi or energy. Sometimes it takes only a few adjustments and the resulting positives can be quite amazing!

In the Bedroom : Ah, the personal sanctuary. Joy in the bedroom can mean different things to different people ranging from deep intimacy to a personal oasis where the world is just outside the door. Is your bedroom filled with objects of meaning for you? Photographs, special gifts that you treasure, favorite books to name a few. Again the key here is to make choices based on what is personally uplifting for you rather than leaving a pile of dirty clothes in the corner!

In the Garden: Not everyone has a garden, of course, but bringing natural elements into your home can embue it with positive energy. Whether it is freshly cut flowers placed throughout the house or a bonsai to tend, the addition of nature into the home can not only help ground you, but also invigorate your life. And, if you are fortunate to have an outdoors living area, then spending time for not only relaxation but also with others can be a way to experience more joy. Another idea is to plant your favorite flowers that you can enjoy! Roses, tulips, Irises, the choices are many. Adding a small seating area where you can read your favorite novel or watch the butterflies can be not only restful but satisfying.

Where to Begin
When you think of it,  it's a good idea to start putting ideas to paper so you can use your list as a reference point.

* Make a list of your very favorite things to do and add them to your calendar

* Set a date with a friend for a "play date" that has little or nothing to do with work

* Choose an afternoon when you will be undisturbed and go room to room in your house, noting where you might clear the energy and move things around.

* Remember what your most favorite childhood activity was and do it!

So just for today, fill your life with Joy. You won't regret it!

upcoming article: Living Authentically and the Voice of Fear
"Old Friends" Photo by Victoria Marina-Tompkins 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Into the Silence

Today I found myself listening to the silence between sounds. At first, I was drawn to my spring garden where birds are singing, tibetan chimes are ringing, coastal winds are blowing.

What a delight it was!

Not that I am unfamiliar with silence; my work requires long periods where cessation of sound is a a necessity as I listen to the quiet voice, the channeled voice, that will, hopefully, shed insight for my clients who have gifted me with their questions. Most days I wake early when it is still quiet outside so as not to be disturbed by the day! What an amusing thought that is!  Still, (alert, causal plane humor aboard :-) ) I do seek out quiet times so that I can clearly hear the voice I have learned to recognize through the years.

Even so, today, once my work was done, became an adventurous day as I focused my attention on those in between places, those silences after the "ring" and before the next sound of the chime. I let my attention drift into the singing of our local Robin, a merry little song with little time between one round and the next. The cars are passing on the coast highway, only a few blocks from here, a steady stream of background noise for awhile, then silence before the next vehicles pass by. Clocks ticking, dog barks, people talking. All the sounds of the day with moments of silence scattered in here and there.

Listening in this way quieted my own mind and need to talk to others about all those random ideas running through my head. Another surprise! I became part of the silence save the clicking of keys on my laptop, also replete with spaces dependent upon my thoughts and how I executed them, how they were penned so to speak of course. I have landed in a rich landscape, fertile with introspection and quietude. Wondrous it is.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Radio Interview Tuesday April 12th 3pm PDT!

This Tuesday marks my first radio interview about Spiritual Turning Points when I will be talking with radio host Joanne Newcomb on her show Adventures in Density and Effort.

“Adventures in Density & Effort” is a lighthearted look at life on Playground Earth.  We are Spirit manifesting through bodies in physical reality.  As Spirit we are joyous, expansive, infinite and all-knowing.  What would be fun for a Being that has everything?  A reality of limitations, dichotomies and opposites! (To paraphrase the Genie from Disney’s “Aladdin” – we all have phenomenal cosmic powers squeezed into an itty bitty living space)! 

All from the comfort of your desktop computer or Ipad! 
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Monday, April 4, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION SIX: Exit Points (Book Excerpt)

LIFE TRANSITION SIX: The Onset of Whatever Will be Fatal

Excerpted from Spiritual Turning Points


"These unique moments are in fact planned for by essence and represent the intersection between unresolved past life energies that have been carried forward to the present and the current life. I like to describe Exit Points as opportunities to get off the freeway of life when things aren’t going so well or resolving the past life blockage and continuing with the present lifetime when things are going nicely.

Take for example a young woman who died at the age of 18 in her past life when she drowned in a river. She has reincarnated and now her 3rd monad is in full swing with all the ups and downs of teenage behavior. One weekend she decides to go swimming with a friend and even through she is not enamored of being in the water, she jumps in the deep end when prompted by her friend to loosen up and have a good time. Several others jump in after her and somehow she gets pushed down to the bottom of the pool where she ingests quite a bit of water in her attempts to free herself and rise to the surface. In that moment the father of her friend sees what is happening, jumps in to save her and does as he pulls her to the surface. Within a few minutes paramedics arrive, they administer first aid, and her life is saved.

If prior to this moment Kerrie’s life had been seriously off track, or if she had been depressed and unable to proceed, she could have chosen this moment as her exit point and the issue related to drowning would not have been resolved. She was, however, doing well prior to this event, so she chose to work through the situation and create a different outcome, i.e. survival instead of drowning and therefore released the past life energies."

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