Friday, April 29, 2011

What if we are the sum total of all lives lived? (excerpt from Spiritual Turning Points)

"When children are born, they may have continuing access to their most recent past incarnation through dreams, night terrors if the life ended abruptly or violently, as well as past life memories that can be surprising in detail. Nature-based cultures tend to pay attention when dreams and memories are shared, often in the form of imaginary play for the young child or in the actual telling of stories such as “I was a tall man who wore long boots” or “I remember riding horses.” Westerners unfortunately lend little credence to these moments of peeking into the past and instead assume they are the creation of a vivid imagination! At about the age of seven, sometimes earlier, the child enters first grade, experiencing the initial Saturn square Saturn transit, i.e., let’s get down to work now and the days of free imagination fade into the background as homework and structured learning become the focus. Even so, as the child matures, the experiences from past lives are an integral part of who he or she is on a soul level and cannot be erased even if memories are not conscious and continue to function as an undercurrent in the life. During early childhood and the primary school years, gifts and talents that were developed in past lives may come to the fore; a budding pianist begins to play technically advanced sonatas as the age of eight, a ten-year-old has an amazing aptitude for mathematics, and a seven-year-old shows grace beyond her years when spending time in prayer at her local church. All of these talents and interests were part of past lives and show up in the present to the amazement of the parents and teachers."

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