Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Coastviews Magazine Interview with Victoria!

I am pleased to announce that my interview with Whitney Merrill of CoastViews Magazine is out! Thanks to all for this wonderful opportunity including publisher Gwen O'Neill and contributing writer Whitney Merrill.  Enjoy!!

Click here for the interview:

June Coastviews Magazine Interview

Monday, May 30, 2011

Spiritual Turning Points- Our Book Trailer!

We are now on Youtube with our new Book Trailer. Please take a moment to watch and join our FlightoftheHawkHMB YouTube channel for more videos and updates. Our music CD, "Flight of the Hawk Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants" is also featured with single tracks you can listen to.


Spiritual Turning Points Book Trailer (youtube)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wearing the World Like A Loose Garment (archives)

Letting Go of Attachments

St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226 ce) is credited with the saying “Wear the world like a loose garment." 

In order to be truly free, it is beneficial to cultivate a relationship to external events where clinging does not occur, and to see that anything outside of the self which is seen as providing security is temporal at best. This approach to life doesn't imply ambivalence or lack of participation, but rather suggests that it is when we become attached that we suffer as attachment lends itself to disappointment due to failed expectations.

The first step is becoming willing to let go of anything: people, objects, and expectations. We begin to let go of looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction and pleasure, understanding that our true sense of joy is within. And, contrary to what at first may seem as negative or indifference, letting go of our attachments creates the chance to experience life without imposing our hopes, needs, dreams, wants, desires, and expectations on others which then creates freedom all around. The freedom to choose, both for ourselves and for others.

Byron Katie wisely says "As long as we continue to resist reality we will suffer". When we wear the world like a loose garment we are accepting reality without the need to change it and this is where suffering ends and freedom begins.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Changing Your Life Direction: Course Corrections (book excerpt)

Changing Your Life Direction:
Course Corrections


"Our essence has an interesting way of creating realignment
with its purpose and one way that it does that is through course
corrections. For example, we may be planning on entering a four-year
advanced study of electronics but learn at the last moment that
the school we were going to attend has been overbooked and we
are now off the roster. If we hold to the opinion that this school was
the only school that would work, or the best school, then we are
scripting the outcome through surety of our choice. But how do we
really ever know that our choice is the absolute best or “right” one?
We can’t. Only in retrospect can we see that our long and winding
path through life took many turns but was always moving forward
even when we felt it had stopped. There are times, however, when
a major course correction is needed from a soul essence point of
view and that no matter how hard it tries to get our attention, we
just aren’t listening.

Laurie was a professional photographer. From roughly the age
of ten she had been taking snapshots and putting them into books,
carefully noting the who, what, and where by each picture. As she
grew older, her love of the camera developed into her work when she
got the job of her dreams as the head reporter and photojournalist
for a local newspaper. After ten years, however, she had, in her mind,
learned all she could and was ready to move on, but by then she
had two young sons and a husband who had just lost his job, so
she stayed at the newspaper, becoming more and more depressed
and literally unable to get out of bed some days.

From an essence perspective, Laurie was ready to move toward
a new line of work through which she would find more creative
self-expression. After several months of incapacitating lethargy,
she found her way to a talented therapist who was able to guide
her toward the real reasons she was hesitant to change jobs and it
wasn’t what she thought at all; it had more to do with her fear of new
situations. What I hadn’t mentioned before is that at the age of twelve,
Laurie’s father had died. He had been her cheerleading team and
emotional support, and when he died she became determined to
make him proud and what better way than to become a professional
photographer? What had started as a childhood hobby, albeit an
enjoyable one, was now a near obsession to follow the path her father
had encouraged. Plus, with an unemployed husband and children who
depended on her, how could she be so selfish as to take risks with a
new career? Well, Laurie did figure it out. She is now sixty-two, and
has thoroughly enjoyed teaching art to children for the past twenty
years. She navigated through a course correction with the help of
a good advisor, her therapist, and the support of her husband who did,
after all his misgivings, suggest she follow her new dream.”

c. 2011 Victoria Marina-Tompkins All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New 5 Star Book Review!

 A Must for all serious students of life May 23, 2011
As a Michael student (channeled teachings from causal level) I highly recommend Spiritual Turning Points.  Victoria Marina-Tompkins has elaborated on the seven life transitions as presented in the teaching. The book includes an in depth exploration of our progress through these spiritual life transitions which are the cornerstone of the human maturation process in physical, psychological and spiritual terms with recommendations on how to successfully complete each one in the positive mode.
While the human being is maturing in tangible, physical, and psychological ways, the soul is also evolving as it experiences all there is to learn on the physical plane before returning to the Tao, the universal creative source from whence it originally came. Our ongoing connection during times when we may feel separated are noted with comments.
Additional comments related to correlation with astrology and shamanism are included in each level.
It is a must for parents who desire to support their children in positive transitions, one, two and three. The fourth transition (often referred to as mid life crisis) with the ultimate purpose of self realization and the journey to achieve it are eloquently described with real life examples. Life review, dying and death include comforting notes on the life process during these transitions and final transcendence. It is a reminder that all is choice and helps us to remember this during the journey. This is a must for all serious students of life.

From Amazon.com 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Favorites from our Archives


Friday, April 23, 2010

God is Awake

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones;  and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."

Victor Hugo

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Victoria at Independent Author Network

My interview with The Independent Author Network is now online on their blog. The link below will take you to the article. Enjoy!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Process not Product: The Life Made by Hand

During the middle ages craftsmen would sometimes take their entire lives to create a personal masterpiece. Stained glass windows would be created one pane at a time without the need to rush or have a product they could show off to family and friends. Weavers would create entire tapestries one thread at a time and it wasn't until many years later that the true beauty of the piece would emerge as the last threads were put into place.

In today's world, we have become focused on product rather than process, on completing many tasks in order to keep our lives running and manageable. Certainly, order can be a bi-product of this approach but at what expense? For some, the feeling of creative chaos may be uncomfortable and in fact may be avoided in favor of a task oriented approach to life. When we are in the midst of process, the threads of our life may feel like they are undone or unraveling, when in fact we are creating the larger tapestry that may be difficult to see.

What Are Your Personal Vignettes?

Looking at our lives as a series of vignettes can be a helpful way to bring to light both significant events as well as time periods that were marked by people, places, and things. What were you doing in your twenties? Were there certain people who come to mind, events that were important, changes made? If you were creating a stained glass window, what would the theme of that time period be? Think of a word or catch phrase such as education, meeting the world, marriage, children, or any other phrase that describes the gem or pearl of your experiences. Is there a symbol that represents the time without words? A spiral,  pyramid, a tree. Then follow the thread into your thirties and look to see what the new theme might have been. Did the tree of your twenties grow or did you change direction and plant something else? 

During our lives we create different stories or Personal Vignettes that encapsulate the gist of the time period  and when woven together later, create the whole of our lives. Think of a snapshot or picture-what would your personal snapshot look like when you were in your youth, mature adulthood? Decide on the setting for your Vignette. What was the tone? Calm, energizing, chaotic, fearful, adventurous? A combination of all of the above! You are painting a picture of your life and part of that picture is the way it felt to you. Then there is color- blues, reds, greens, all of the above? Once you have pulled together the threads of the past, then take a look at how they relate to where you are now. See the bigger picture. Nothing happens in isolation and every moment of life relates to every other moment, eventually blending together to weave the life we are living now. Enjoy these moments and trust in the process. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Experiencing the Spaces in Every Day Life

Some days it seems to be easy to be in the moment- the sun is out with plentiful blue skies, there are no pressing work deadlines to meet, and no problems to solve. On these days we remember to breathe in the beauty around us, and find enjoyment in the simple things.

Then there are "those days." The days when the alarm clock goes off earlier than our internal clock, when there don't seem to be enough minutes in the day, or when the puppy eats our favorite pair of shoes which is yes, from my own life! Still these busy days need not be any different than those that at first glance seem more relaxing. It's on these days that we can choose to flow with the river.

Listening to the Silences

Often times our minds are filled with so many thoughts that we are stumped when it comes to finding any kind of respite. One thought seems to lead to another, and before you know it, we are having imaginary conversations with ourselves! Worries can fill our minds, cashing in on our deepest fears and insecurities with "reasonable" explanations and excuses not to mention arguments for the validity of whatever the issue of the day is.

So how do we turn off our monkey minds?  By listening to the silence in between sounds in our external environment. The birds are singing. The chimes blow in the wind and make a soothing sound. Rain drips on the rooftop. The wind blows. Cars whizzing by on the freeway or neighborhood roads, the fog horn blows. We sit by the ocean and listen to the crash of the waves. Wonderful.

Once you have tuned into the sounds of nature, then go one step deeper. Listen for the silence in between the sound of the chimes, the birds singing, waves crashing.

Listen for that moment. Breathe in that moment. Be in the silence. For once you become aware of the possibility of quieting your mind anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances, you have a powerful tool for increasing self awareness and presence.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When the Grape Meets the Press: Letting Go of Non Essentials

"We must become the change we wish to see in the world."   -Ghandi

Every so often we enter a time in our lives that might be described as cathartic, intense, transformational, a crisis, many of which seem to come out of the blue. External events can serve as the catalyst for the beginning of much needed change

The key is to become aware of what must surrendered, what is no longer essential, so that the next stage of personal growth can occur. Here is when the grape meets the press as the juice is extracted slowly so that all that remains is the pulp or core of the grape. We might look at this process and think poor grape! But in fact, it it necessary to experience death of the old so that the new will be reborn. Shamanic cultures see this process as an initiatory experience when we are literally reduced to our bones.

Imagine that you have filled your life with many wonderful accomplishments, positive relationships, and abundance on many levels. You have reached a state of fullness in all areas after a period of expansion and growth. Often such a period can occur in the mid to late thirties after career and family has been created after the transition that occurred during the twenties and marked the entry into official adulthood after the first Saturn return at age 29. For all, this is a time when a major Pluto transit appears on the horizon and heralds a time of change. It is necessary to prune the tree in order for new growth to occur. Or, in contrast, maybe life hasn't been working out all that well and a shake-up is needed. The Pluto square to natal Pluto is the first of the four mid-life transits that happen from age 36-45, but depending on the birth chart, a Plutonian catharsis can happen any time transiting Pluto comes in contact with a natal planet therefore the following excerpt applies to any Pluto transit. Think death and rebirth and you will have entered the realm of Pluto.

Pluto square Pluto
A Time for Transformation and Letting Go 

“The old adage for a Pluto transit is that it never asks you to let go of what truly belongs to you, but will take anything else necessary for evolution. Issues having to do with power and control are central here as the intense probe of Pluto begins to uncover what it is that needs releasing. Some keywords for this transit include penetrating, transforming, and scathing as this transit often is the initiator in the monadal (or midlife) process. 

Remember Hades, God of the Underworld in Greek mythology, with Pluto, his Roman counterpart. In the myth of Persephone, she was dragged into the underworld by Pluto who took her to be his bride, destroying all of her innocence in the process. When we come face-to-face with a Plutonian transit, whether in square to its natal position or interacting with another planet in the birth chart, a certain degree of naivety needs to be released as the veils are lifted. The personal and collective shadow emerges as areas which are usually avoided for fear of what may be found. Patterns within relationships are particular areas of scrutiny here as are deep, dark personal and family secrets, which the individual has kept at bay. Surrendering to the process in whatever form it takes is the key here.

Each Pluto transit has three phases: shock, paralysis, and rebirth. The intensity of the initial shock cannot be understated as Pluto jolts the area of life needing review. The house and sign being impacted will indicate where the shock occurs, followed by a sense of powerlessness and confusion over how to respond or what action to
take... The third and final phase of rebirth does not usually occur until the end of the transit when the new form has been created.”  

from Spiritual Turning Points A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life 

Question: What Am I Letting Go of Today?