Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New 5 Star Book Review!

 A Must for all serious students of life May 23, 2011
As a Michael student (channeled teachings from causal level) I highly recommend Spiritual Turning Points.  Victoria Marina-Tompkins has elaborated on the seven life transitions as presented in the teaching. The book includes an in depth exploration of our progress through these spiritual life transitions which are the cornerstone of the human maturation process in physical, psychological and spiritual terms with recommendations on how to successfully complete each one in the positive mode.
While the human being is maturing in tangible, physical, and psychological ways, the soul is also evolving as it experiences all there is to learn on the physical plane before returning to the Tao, the universal creative source from whence it originally came. Our ongoing connection during times when we may feel separated are noted with comments.
Additional comments related to correlation with astrology and shamanism are included in each level.
It is a must for parents who desire to support their children in positive transitions, one, two and three. The fourth transition (often referred to as mid life crisis) with the ultimate purpose of self realization and the journey to achieve it are eloquently described with real life examples. Life review, dying and death include comforting notes on the life process during these transitions and final transcendence. It is a reminder that all is choice and helps us to remember this during the journey. This is a must for all serious students of life.

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