Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Book Review!

"In my psychotherapy practice, Spiritual Turning Points is proving itself extremely useful: so many of the problems we encounter in life are related to the struggle between the wishes of the personality and the mandates of the soul. Through the multiple and esoteric lenses of causal plane teachings, shamanism and astrology, Marina-Tompkins has created a clear, concise and readable manual that describes and supports the soul's passage through physical life. I highly recommend Spiritual Turning Points for anyone trying to find their way--and that includes everyone!"   "Merideth Bowen Shamszad, MA 

Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Favorite Blogs from Our Archives

How We Evolve: The Nature of Intimacy

According to the Michael Teachings

“By intimacy we mean, of course, valid Essence contact. This is the only source of growth and evolution, for it is the only function of love. Essence contact is the purpose of love, if it is necessary for love to be perceived as having a purpose. It is more accurate that essence contact IS love, untrammeled by the distortions of species or the chief features of the Overleaves. When true intimacy occurs, all that is “there” for the contact is Essence and casting order. All else is “set aside”. from Michael's People by CQ Yarbro

The Basics:
Essence contact is sometimes experienced as quiet, restful, expansiveness, being "one" with the Universe, a “dropping away” of the personality. It is not the “fireworks” of body type attraction but can be experienced during sexual interactions.

Essence contact is always with another fragment (not with self) and can be occasionally experienced when out of physical proximity to the other fragment. This is usually with cadence and entity mates, essence twin or task companion.

The Positive Poles of 5 of the Overleaves need be in effect for Essence Contact to occur.

Essence contact can occur when the higher centers are activated but cannot occur when they are not.

There are no “tricks” to Essence contact, it is “simple”.

The chief features and fear tend to distort and invalidate the experience, but once it is validated by the fragment, it cannot be erased.

Being in the moment with no expectations leads to more awareness and intimacy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION THREE: Independence of Spirit

LIFE TRANSITION THREE  Independence of Spirit (Book Excerpt)

The Choice of Defense Systems (Adolescence)

"It is during this transition that the personality chooses for better or for worse the primary and secondary defense systems that it will use during the course of the rest of this incarnation. These defenses are based on real-life experiences that have occurredsince birth and usually have to do with the family of origin in some capacity but also with interactions with those outside the sphere of the home. The seven core fears are those ofinadequacy, loss of control, worthlessness, change, loss, vulnerability, and missing out, two of which are usually chosen sometime during this transition with the primary occurring at the onset. External events can serve as the trigger: An illness prevents Susana from attending her first dance (disappointment); Mark is not allowed to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer due to familial expectations (worthlessness, loss); or Michaela’s mother dies during her freshman year in high school (loss, vulnerability). After these defenses are chosen, they become the core of what is called the False Self and when they are in control, it is very difficult to access the True Nature which is based love rather than fear. Under times of duress these defenses become very active, but also function as an undercurrent throughout life, much of the time remaining nearly invisible but still controlling the perceptions of the individual.

It is not uncommon for life to “heat up” for the six to twelve months prior to the onset of the third transition so in realty it doesn’t begin suddenly but is the culmination of a chain of events resulting in the choice of the primary defenses. To the external eye, it may appear that a teenager who has been doing well in school rather dramatically starts failing classes, spending more time with his or her peer group oftentimes to the consternation of the parents, and begins to identify with the chosen sub-culture: Goths, skaters, achievers, cheerleaders, usually in stark contrast to the family picture. Acts of rebellion are typical during this stage and can be especially challenging if the teen is young, that is between the ages of twelve and fifteen, and it is not unusual for relationships with parental and other authority figures to become contentious and conflict laden at this time. Some push the envelope a little, some a lot, and some every now and then with many factors influencing how this transition unfolds."

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION SEVEN: Death and the Astral Plane Interval (Book excerpt)

LIFE TRANSITION SEVEN: Death and the Astral Plane Interval

After Death

"During the process of planning the next lifetime, a review of past lives as well as the past lives of those souls with whom many lives have been shared will be necessary. If karma exists, that is to say if any debts are owed by you or to you, then these debts may become part of the upcoming life plan. The Akashic Plane is a higher plane of consciousness that stores the records of all physical plane events, a library that can be referenced during the review and planning process. Imagine having access to all your lives in great detail as well as all the lives of your soul family where you can examine all choices made and lessons learned as you mull over the possibilities.

But it’s not all about work. One of the benefits of being on the astral plane is the freedom from suffering that we experience while physically incarnate which then gives us access to more joy. The truth is, we have the ability to experience joy all the time but all too often become tangled in fear while keeping joy at bay. During our time on the astral plane, we have plentiful opportunities to play, merge, blend, and explore states of being without the limitations of the physical body. We remember that love is the highest truth, something that can be forgotten while we are incarnate on the physical plane."

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spiritual Turning Points Now Available on IBooks for Apple Iphone and IPad

Very exciting, we are now avaialble as an ebook through the Apple IBookstore!  If you own an Apple IPhone or IPad, you can now download directly through Apple. This link is to the IBooks application through ITunes, and if you don't the app already, you can download it here. Once you have the application installed, then search for Spiritual Turning Points for download!


Monday, March 7, 2011

When Death Knocks at Your Door: Musings on the Love of a Dog

On Friday after a relatively short illness, I made the most compassionate choice I could and took my darling Rosie, a ten year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, into the vet to be put down. She had been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease in 2007, the bane of the CKCS world as it ranks highest as the cause of death for Cavaliers and a disease that many reputable breeders are seeking to eradicate. But, I digress....

In the Michael work it's said that animals are part of a hive soul and not individually incarnating fragments as are humans. I have long accepted this as true but came face to face with it as I held Rosie while they injected the serum that would cause her death, as I heard her last breath, as I felt her heart stop. I knew her little spirit was gone, that it has returned from where it originally came, that she was no longer suffering. But she had SUCH a personality, and one that was so different than my boy Jazzie, that I began to wonder about the hive soul and our animal companions.

Universal Truth: All sentient species (like humans, cetaceans) have pets.

I believe this to be true probably because it sounds a little whacky, and probably because in a strange way it makes sense.  Isn't it true that our animal companions are non judgmental, unconditionally loving and accepting? That those of us who let the love of a beloved one into our hearts, whether they are human or canine (or other), that we open ourselves up to love and the possibility of loss? We can't avoid loss but we can choose to avoid love. We can keep ourselves closed off for fear of pain, or we can love openly and joyfully, embracing the beauty of companionship.

I still don't know what is true about the hive soul with any degree of certainty, but I will be sure to look for my Rosie when I make my own transition as I create my own reality on the astral plane. I know I will see her tail wagging again and her sweet muzzle on my face.

Friday, March 4, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION SEVEN: Death (Book excerpt)

excerpted from "Spiritual Turning Points: A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions"

"Once the last breath has been taken, the soul has left the body through the crown or head chakra and is on its way to the astral plane. In our culture, it’s not uncommon to hear stories from those who have had “near-death experiences” detailing how, when they were dying, they saw “a white tunnel” or “my friends and family were there to greet me” or “I saw absolutely nothing.” All are true and all are valid in that each person creates their own version of reality following death.

Because many of us are fearful of death and what lies beyond, it is natural that we try to grasp the “hereafter” from the vantage point of the physical plane, listening to recounting of various experiences from those who have journeyed there and back again. From the time we are small children, concepts of heaven, hell, purgatory, and limbo, all well-meaning religious explanations of what happens when we die, are presented as being absolute, undeniable, and unquestionable. Or, depending on who you are talking to, you may hear that nothing happens, or “this is all there is.” Lots of folks talk about this with as many questions as answers.

Most spiritual teachings include the fundamental concept that you are part of something greater and that there is a higher place you go to after you die, but while we are alive in human bodies, the illusion of separateness is very strong, and you usually can’t see beyond it except during moments of stress or expanded consciousness. It is not until after death that these illusions drop away, and we can all reconnect with “all that is” or “the infinite spirit of the divine” of which are all a part."

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self Publishing Catches Fire

Every day I am learning more and more about the publishing industry, more specifically the NEW publishing industry that makes it possible for authors like myself to self publish. The "SP" word, not unlike other taboo words uttered in back rooms and pool halls, is now achieving increasing mainstream acceptance as more and more readers are turning to Ebooks, carrying entire libraries on their Ipads, Kindles, and yes, even on their smart phones.

This article published in USA Today draws attention to this new phenomena, citing the example of a 26 year old author who self published a series of paranormal romance novels via Ebooks and is now achieving amazing success. Take a moment to read the story and then be sure to order your Kindle or Ebook copy of Spiritual Turning Points and any other Ebook you would like to have in your portable library. It's the wave of the future.