Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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How We Evolve: The Nature of Intimacy

According to the Michael Teachings

“By intimacy we mean, of course, valid Essence contact. This is the only source of growth and evolution, for it is the only function of love. Essence contact is the purpose of love, if it is necessary for love to be perceived as having a purpose. It is more accurate that essence contact IS love, untrammeled by the distortions of species or the chief features of the Overleaves. When true intimacy occurs, all that is “there” for the contact is Essence and casting order. All else is “set aside”. from Michael's People by CQ Yarbro

The Basics:
Essence contact is sometimes experienced as quiet, restful, expansiveness, being "one" with the Universe, a “dropping away” of the personality. It is not the “fireworks” of body type attraction but can be experienced during sexual interactions.

Essence contact is always with another fragment (not with self) and can be occasionally experienced when out of physical proximity to the other fragment. This is usually with cadence and entity mates, essence twin or task companion.

The Positive Poles of 5 of the Overleaves need be in effect for Essence Contact to occur.

Essence contact can occur when the higher centers are activated but cannot occur when they are not.

There are no “tricks” to Essence contact, it is “simple”.

The chief features and fear tend to distort and invalidate the experience, but once it is validated by the fragment, it cannot be erased.

Being in the moment with no expectations leads to more awareness and intimacy.

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