Sunday, March 13, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION SEVEN: Death and the Astral Plane Interval (Book excerpt)

LIFE TRANSITION SEVEN: Death and the Astral Plane Interval

After Death

"During the process of planning the next lifetime, a review of past lives as well as the past lives of those souls with whom many lives have been shared will be necessary. If karma exists, that is to say if any debts are owed by you or to you, then these debts may become part of the upcoming life plan. The Akashic Plane is a higher plane of consciousness that stores the records of all physical plane events, a library that can be referenced during the review and planning process. Imagine having access to all your lives in great detail as well as all the lives of your soul family where you can examine all choices made and lessons learned as you mull over the possibilities.

But it’s not all about work. One of the benefits of being on the astral plane is the freedom from suffering that we experience while physically incarnate which then gives us access to more joy. The truth is, we have the ability to experience joy all the time but all too often become tangled in fear while keeping joy at bay. During our time on the astral plane, we have plentiful opportunities to play, merge, blend, and explore states of being without the limitations of the physical body. We remember that love is the highest truth, something that can be forgotten while we are incarnate on the physical plane."

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