Monday, March 7, 2011

When Death Knocks at Your Door: Musings on the Love of a Dog

On Friday after a relatively short illness, I made the most compassionate choice I could and took my darling Rosie, a ten year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, into the vet to be put down. She had been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease in 2007, the bane of the CKCS world as it ranks highest as the cause of death for Cavaliers and a disease that many reputable breeders are seeking to eradicate. But, I digress....

In the Michael work it's said that animals are part of a hive soul and not individually incarnating fragments as are humans. I have long accepted this as true but came face to face with it as I held Rosie while they injected the serum that would cause her death, as I heard her last breath, as I felt her heart stop. I knew her little spirit was gone, that it has returned from where it originally came, that she was no longer suffering. But she had SUCH a personality, and one that was so different than my boy Jazzie, that I began to wonder about the hive soul and our animal companions.

Universal Truth: All sentient species (like humans, cetaceans) have pets.

I believe this to be true probably because it sounds a little whacky, and probably because in a strange way it makes sense.  Isn't it true that our animal companions are non judgmental, unconditionally loving and accepting? That those of us who let the love of a beloved one into our hearts, whether they are human or canine (or other), that we open ourselves up to love and the possibility of loss? We can't avoid loss but we can choose to avoid love. We can keep ourselves closed off for fear of pain, or we can love openly and joyfully, embracing the beauty of companionship.

I still don't know what is true about the hive soul with any degree of certainty, but I will be sure to look for my Rosie when I make my own transition as I create my own reality on the astral plane. I know I will see her tail wagging again and her sweet muzzle on my face.


  1. Hello Victoria
    This is Maureen. I wanted to send my condolances and let you know that the information you channeled from Michael for me after the loss of Murphy explained a huge amount regarding the equine hive and has really continued to inform my understanding of the other hives that have chosen to share growth. I incorporated my understandings into a speech that I gave at the recent Pet Celebration in Atlanta. A celebration for all who had experienced the loss of a pet during the year. You can find it here: talk If this doesn't work let me know so I can help you find it.

  2. Thanks so much Maureen, great to hear from you. Loss of our beloved companions and the accompanying grief we often feel is not really accepted in our culture. It's can be just as real and palpable as when a human dies as our pets are members of our family......wonderful that you incorporated the channeling into your speech, I will definitely read it. All the best, Victoria