Monday, October 29, 2012

Favorites from Our Archives

"I don't let my mouth say somethin'
my head can't stand"

Louis Armstrong

When it the right time to speak and when is it not?  Our thoughts tend to be constant as a continuous stream of ideas, perceptions, judgments and all manner of things which keep us trapped in what seems like mind-focused but can be mindlessness rather than mindfulness.

Enough mind patter to keep us distracted and busy rather than calm and centered.

And if our thoughts aren't enough to keep us tangled, there is the tendency to speak what we are thinking. Too often we step into another's space by offering our ideas; I know what you should do, how to solve your problem. Get out of your relationship, tell your mother what you really feel and so on and so on.....The faultiness of this approach lies in the assumption that we know what is right for another person and that it is our place to say what we think which in fact imposes our opinions on them. When we supply our friends, family, and anyone else with our non requested perceptions it interferes with their ability to solve their own dilemas, to create solutions based on their own internal processes.

Louis Armstrong, the brilliant trumpeter, coined the phrase "I don't let my mouth say somethin' my head can't stand." He was referring to the tendency to say whatever comes to your mind without considering the consequence of that action- when we speak so quickly isn't it likely that we may not have taken the time to consider with carewhat we are saying? Even if we are asked for our opinion, then taking a moment to gather your thoughts in order to express what you feel with clarity and non judgment can do much to foster positive communications.

We engender trust as we develop the ability to know the appropriate time to speak, providing the space for active listening and careful responses. Yes, it does take a little practice to put these principles into place, but once they are, then you will likely find improvement in your relationships as well as a quieting of your own mind which is all to the good.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wonderful New A Little Book of Spirit Stories Review!

"Fascinating autobiographical account of extraordinary experiences. Victoria Marina Tompkins has an open spirit that is able to perceive the other realms. What she offers us is a documentation of amazing, true events and how they touched her and impacted her life and work as a teacher of shamanism and as a channel of teachings from the mid-causal plane. This book will be of great interest to students of metaphysical studies and shamanic journey-work, as well as those simply curious about paranormal events. Highly recommended!" 
Merideth Bowen Shamszad MFT

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Excerpted from a private session with permission

QUESTION. What are the seven levels of intimacy?  I am interested in both what happens at a personal level for the individuals involved, and what the larger implications are, whenever that comes into effect.

Michael: "We will first of all comment on the nature of intimacy which is essence contact, one fragment with another, and is the most relevant method through which to progress through the cycle of human evolution. It is when two fragments experience the essence of one another that the larger awareness of connection to the Tao is emphasized and the illusion of separateness is dampened and it is in these very quiet yet dynamic moments that each essence is fully expressed as the chasm that so often exists between fragments disappears if only for an instant.

The levels are connection, commonality, relationship, revelation, intimacy, agape, and union.
We think it is most often the case that human fragments who are aware of the benefits of relationship will tend to focus primarily on what we might call the lower level or entry levels of the intimacy levels, that is to say in connection, commonality and relationship and do not easily make the transition past these introductory and often comfortable levels. We will provide examples to illustrate the levels.

Connection begins when two fragments recognize that a pull exists between them and often includes the activation of the chakric system most usually the second and fourth ( sexual and emotional).  The moment that this occurs is often near the beginning or vector of the fragments but in fact can occur at any time. Co-workers for example can recognize feelings of comfort with another fragment and choose to leave it at that, that is to say as a connection but without making any efforts to further interactions with one another.

Commonality begins when fragments recognize there are threads that exist between them that might then allow for a sense of similarity which can and we state can then open the door for a relationship to be developed. This is not to say that at the first and second levels that relationship is not extant, but there is not yet an exchange of energy that begins with the third level. At the second, fragment may well notice that they have things in common including interests, tastes ranging from wardrobe to dining, all structural in content but lacking the activity of level three..."

c. 2012 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Articles!

I have just posted 3 new channeling pieces to celebrate
my newly redesigned website. 

More to come!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music to Their Ears (Book Excerpt)

When They Came to Shore  
All that said, once the ritual on the beach was in full swing, it was time to call in the directions. After the east and the south had been honored through invocation, it was my turn. I had been denoted to call in the west. On this particular day I did this by singing to the ocean:

Spirit of the West Carry Me
Spirit of the West Carry Me Home
Spirit of the West Carry me home to myself.

As I continued to sing the chant, the most remarkable thing happened

I looked up as the group became restless, whispering to each other. Jeannie, who was standing next to me and very fond of the ocean which she called “grandmother”, pointed to the water and said, “Look look, the dolphins have come!”

And there they were, about six of them. Little heads poking up out of the water, all lined up and bobbing up and down as they blew water out of their blowholes, and made making clicking sounds. I kept singing, as they seemed to enjoy it, plus I didn’t want them to leave. Imagine that, dolphins! We were all facing the ocean by now, big smiles on our faces, completely captivated and amazed by our visitors.

Of course, my song did end, the dolphins left, and we continued on with the ritual. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Excerpt from the story Music to Their Ears, A Little Book of Spirit Stories c.2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All My Relations

"Can we focus our conscious awareness on what’s happening to all our relations, feel the grief and anger of losing members of our family, and begin healing 
ourselves and our planet? Our future depends upon it."   

Sandy Olliges from All My Relations (EcoMind, Psychology Today, June 2012)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Excerpt!

Northern California 1978-present

Note: The entities presented in this story were first chronicled in the book Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. The Michael entity was also present 2500 years ago when they taught as the Oracle at Delphi in Greece. My personal story with them began over thirty years ago and continues in the present.

My career as a medium and intuitive began rather imperceptibly.

I first heard about the Michaels, a reunited entity or group of 1050 souls teaching from the causal plane sometime in the mid 1970s when a friend of happened to mention he was attending group sessions in the Oakland hills. Curious, I asked him for more info about it, but we got side tracked. He was actually telling me about this during the house conversation from “The Ghost at the Top of the Stairs” earlier in this book and I suppose the ghost got more of my attention that night. When we have soul agreements in place, and when those agreements are central to your own life work, then usually if they don’t catch your eye the first time, they are likely to come back around.

Such was true for me, and several years later another friend, also a musician, mentioned to me over a dinner in between shows (we were both free lance violinists at the time) that he was in a small group meeting in Berkeley and that maybe I would be interested in some of the information they were getting. Was this the same as what I had heard about a few years earlier? Not exactly in that the people were mostly different and there was a different medium at the helm, but it was indeed the same teacher, the Michael entity. My friend promised to get some basic personal information for me, my “stats” which he did a few weeks later. I wrote them down in red ink on the back of an envelope that was handy, and put them in a drawer where they stayed.  Looking back, I realize I was just not ready for the life changing experiences that were about to come my way.


By the time I decided that I wanted to find out more about this reunited entity that now two of my friends had sung high praises of, I was concretely planted in the real world. Married and the mother of a young child, the last thing on my mind was getting involved in metaphysics in any serious way. However, shortly after I found the envelope in the drawer again, I suppose curiosity got the best of me; I got the number for one of the original channels. I called, talked to her, and arranged to meet. After the first meeting, I was hooked, and soon joined one of her ongoing groups.

c.2012 Victoria Marina-Tompkins  A Little Book of Spirit Stories All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Book of Spirit Stories Book Excerpt

Northern California 1978

Roommate Wanted

"The night I met Dena and Alex I was looking for a place to move into after the year-long house sitting job I had been doing for a friend’s parents ended. Post college, I was finally living on my own and had just turned twenty- four. I had answered an ad in the local paper looking for a roommate to share a room in a sprawling house in the Eastern hills.  Alex was a professor at Cal Berkeley, Dena an artist, and the other housemates were a couple who were very active in the political scene in the Bay Area which I had little to no interest in. Still, the set-up seemed good and the rent reasonable at ninety dollars per month.

Sometime during our conversation that first night, Alex casually mentioned the ghost.

“You might like to know about the ghost,” he said quietly.

“Um, wait…a ghost? A real ghost? You’re kidding aren’t you?’’ I said.

“Nope,” he said more emphatically. “There really is a ghost. We’ve all seen him.”

“Him? It’s a him?” I questioned. I was becoming slightly nervous and somewhat agitated at this point in the conversation. I shuddered at the thought that there could be a spirit living in the house.

“Yes. Most of us have seen him, usually when we’re in the kitchen and we sense someone is there with us. He likes to stand at the top of the stairs that lead to the basement. He is usually wearing a uniform….kind of a soldier type.”

I think at that point I was speechless.

“Still interested?” He looked at me directly.

I can’t remember what I said then because at this point it was, after all, nearly thirty-five years ago. But since I did move in, I assume I nodded.  I am confident, however, that the whole idea made me really skittish, and that if I had any other housing options at that point, I probably would have taken them."

From The Ghost at the Top of the Stairs, A Little Book of Spirit Stories c.2012  Now Available!

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Many of us are learning the ins and outs of the new electronic age. Having just recently published my second book, and first as an ebook only, I soon realized that while many people made their way to Amazon to purchase it, the word KINDLE stopped some of them cold. Not having a Kindle reading device, they assumed they couldn't read my book. Let me assure you that Amazon has made sure that you can buy any Ebook with or without a kindle!

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