Sunday, March 31, 2013

Your Daily Rumi

The Soul has been given ears to hear
things the mind cannot understand.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


with Victoria Marina-Tompkins


Sunday July 28th, 2013
Tan Oak in the beautiful Portola Valley (near Woodside, NorCal)

This workshop will include new unpublished information from Michael about a wide
range of topics.  Join for an afternoon with other Michael students as we hear Michael's take on our world, Love and the Infinite Soul, the 7 levels of intimacy, and other new topics. There will also be time for question and answer.

Fee: $175

Deposit of $50 to reserve your space. Final payment due by July 1.
Paypal to or personal check PO Box 847 El Granada CA 94018

Space is limited!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sarah Chambers

Her Final Years 1995-1998

by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

After a long hiatus, Sarah resumed channeling Michael in January of 1996 when she met with a small group in Walnut Creek at the home of Richard and Alice Hannah, the very same one where the Michaels began speaking so many years before. The group included Richard and Alice, Shepherd, and myself and we share a quiet meal before convening for a round or two of questions and answers with Michael. Within a few weeks, Sarah and I talked about how exciting it was that we were able to meet and that she was open to channeling, so we decided to have another group meeting, this time at her house in Oakland. We agreed that I would invite a few other students including several who had been members of a spin-off group of the original group as well as those of us who had met in Walnut Creek a few weeks before. It was exhilarating and everyone wanted to continue meeting.

During the next several months, we realized that Sarah was quickly becoming a bit of a celebrity in the Michael community as she had been unavailable for so many years and was now starting to do private readings as well as study groups every week. We formed a core group that was non fee based and committed to expanding the core teachings through non personal agenda sessions at least half the time, as well as two other fee based study groups that each met once monthly. I acted at Sarah’s request as the gatekeeper and it was my job to ascertain whether someone would be suited for the groups and I also handled all business for the groups.  In June 1996, Sarah and I formed The Gateway Associates that we used as the umbrella for all business and copyrighting of the new material and in July, Paul Avellar joined with us as our third partner. Sarah at that time also began to publish a quarterly newsletter. During that time the core group met several times in a home overlooking Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay, devoting the entire weekend to exploring questions and answers with Michael, and in late July of 1996 several of us spent three weeks in New Mexico where we continued to bond with deep channeling sessions interspersed with time spent on the land.

In the fall of 1996, the groups continued to meet regularly, enjoying weekly meetings and sheet cake, a long held tradition at the Michael groups. Our evenings included pot lucks, wine for some, coffee for many, and always interesting and often quite outrageous talks around her dining room table in between rounds of channeling. We would start at 5pm and often not end until after midnight! It was in March of 1998 when Sarah decided to take a sabbatical and lived in New Mexico for several months during which time I and one other individual split the channeling duties for the groups. I had become the “backup” channel as Sarah wanted to ask her own questions and there was one other member, a scholar,  who had been in the core 1980‘s core group and who was now channeling, so we were prepared to step in and run the groups while she was absent. The groups had over time expanded to include a wide range of members including long time Michael students and several from the original groups, some who would call in from out of state, other Michael channels who wanted to experience being in the presence of Sarah aka “Jessica” as she had honed her fine craft of mediumship, as well as new students who were in the right place at the right time. Sarah did channel in Oakland during the summer of 1998 but then returned again to Santa Fe where she rented a small apartment. Paul Avellar and I visited her there in September where we met with a few Santa Fe Michael students including Jose and Lena Stevens, but had no idea this would be the last time we would see her.

On the morning of Dec. 8th 1998 I received a call from a friend who said she had just heard from Dorothy and that Sarah had died. Stunned, we traveled to New Mexico with her husband Dick where we retrieved her ashes, completed a series of rituals, and returned home about a week later. It wasn’t until early the next year that we had a community gathering to honor Sarah which was well attended by many from the original group and new students as well.

At the present time, two of the groups started with Sarah continue to meet with a handful of the original members on board as well as others who have joined over the years. Now the groups are held in Half Moon Bay, carrying on the tradition started by Sarah who could be described as having been outgoing, highly intelligent, curious, adventurous, pragmatic, loyal, and in all ways remarkable. She was generous and open minded, excited to meet other Michael students, dedicated to expanding the teachings while protecting the basic core elements she and others had brought through so many years before. Sarah Chambers was one of a kind.

c. 2010 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Second Saturn Return

The following excerpt it is from Spiritual Turning Points Chapter 5, The Life Review. This period of time following completion of the life task or life work chosen for this incarnation is one of reflection, a review of the life lived. The years just prior to the review are active ones astrologically as the second Saturn return sets the stage by reminding us what we have accomplished in the years since the first return at age 28, and what areas are left to be explored. 

Saturn returns typically are challenging to begin with as Saturn brings real world structures up for scrutiny and, depending on where Saturn is in your natal astrological chart, will push hard on you to rework those structures that are in need of repair and redefinition. Areas typically affected are legal affairs, financials, dentistry, and karmas owed to you and by you. Whatever is presented requires a thorough examination in order to see what needs attention, or simply what it is time to let go of. When Saturn comes around to your door, it's time to let go, again, in order to start building a new foundation for the next 28 years.

Here is a brief excerpt from my book:

"More Astrology and the Life Review 

During the years between the fourth and fifth transitions, there are
several important transits that help lay the groundwork for the fifth
transition when it begins. The first is the second Saturn return that
happens at age fifty-eight, with the first glimmering coming into view
about a year before. At the first Saturn return at age twenty-eight, the
young adult entered into full adulthood with added responsibilities
and a new life direction and the second return once again reviews
what has been accomplished to date and sets the stage for the next
twenty-nine years.

Second Saturn Return
Another Report Card, Age Fifty-eight

Saturn has a firm hand and clear eyes, not caring much for
touchy feely reasons why this or that didn’t happen, tending instead
to view events in terms of black or white. 

Did it work, or did it not? Is it time to let go of what you have
been dragging around for the past ten years? Will you need this in
the next phase of life? Saturn looks at what you will require to create
a solid foundation upon which to build over the next three decades
and doesn’t particularly care how you feel about it! The fifty-ninth
year is a time for review, not quite time (usually) for the fifth transition,
but it does a thorough job of culling what isn’t necessary. It also
is a time for achievement as rewards of recognition are bestowed
at work, books are written and published, and advancements and
promotions are made. If you have done the work, this is the time
you reap the rewards."