Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Second Saturn Return

The following excerpt it is from Spiritual Turning Points Chapter 5, The Life Review. This period of time following completion of the life task or life work chosen for this incarnation is one of reflection, a review of the life lived. The years just prior to the review are active ones astrologically as the second Saturn return sets the stage by reminding us what we have accomplished in the years since the first return at age 28, and what areas are left to be explored. 

Saturn returns typically are challenging to begin with as Saturn brings real world structures up for scrutiny and, depending on where Saturn is in your natal astrological chart, will push hard on you to rework those structures that are in need of repair and redefinition. Areas typically affected are legal affairs, financials, dentistry, and karmas owed to you and by you. Whatever is presented requires a thorough examination in order to see what needs attention, or simply what it is time to let go of. When Saturn comes around to your door, it's time to let go, again, in order to start building a new foundation for the next 28 years.

Here is a brief excerpt from my book:

"More Astrology and the Life Review 

During the years between the fourth and fifth transitions, there are
several important transits that help lay the groundwork for the fifth
transition when it begins. The first is the second Saturn return that
happens at age fifty-eight, with the first glimmering coming into view
about a year before. At the first Saturn return at age twenty-eight, the
young adult entered into full adulthood with added responsibilities
and a new life direction and the second return once again reviews
what has been accomplished to date and sets the stage for the next
twenty-nine years.

Second Saturn Return
Another Report Card, Age Fifty-eight

Saturn has a firm hand and clear eyes, not caring much for
touchy feely reasons why this or that didn’t happen, tending instead
to view events in terms of black or white. 

Did it work, or did it not? Is it time to let go of what you have
been dragging around for the past ten years? Will you need this in
the next phase of life? Saturn looks at what you will require to create
a solid foundation upon which to build over the next three decades
and doesn’t particularly care how you feel about it! The fifty-ninth
year is a time for review, not quite time (usually) for the fifth transition,
but it does a thorough job of culling what isn’t necessary. It also
is a time for achievement as rewards of recognition are bestowed
at work, books are written and published, and advancements and
promotions are made. If you have done the work, this is the time
you reap the rewards."

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