Monday, October 1, 2012

Want to read A Little Book of Spirit Stories but don't have a Kindle? No Problem!

Many of us are learning the ins and outs of the new electronic age. Having just recently published my second book, and first as an ebook only, I soon realized that while many people made their way to Amazon to purchase it, the word KINDLE stopped some of them cold. Not having a Kindle reading device, they assumed they couldn't read my book. Let me assure you that Amazon has made sure that you can buy any Ebook with or without a kindle!

The easiest way to get ready to read a kindle ebook is to download the Kindle for PC or Mac application. Just download the application, and then go to Amazon and download the book. It will then open up with your new application. Easy!

Here are the links:

Kindle for MAC

Kindle for PC

Once you have downloaded, then go here:

A Little Book of Spirit Stories

We are waiting now for the direct iBooks and Nook links, but they could be a few weeks. Why wait? Get your copy today, you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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