Sunday, October 21, 2012

Excerpted from a private session with permission

QUESTION. What are the seven levels of intimacy?  I am interested in both what happens at a personal level for the individuals involved, and what the larger implications are, whenever that comes into effect.

Michael: "We will first of all comment on the nature of intimacy which is essence contact, one fragment with another, and is the most relevant method through which to progress through the cycle of human evolution. It is when two fragments experience the essence of one another that the larger awareness of connection to the Tao is emphasized and the illusion of separateness is dampened and it is in these very quiet yet dynamic moments that each essence is fully expressed as the chasm that so often exists between fragments disappears if only for an instant.

The levels are connection, commonality, relationship, revelation, intimacy, agape, and union.
We think it is most often the case that human fragments who are aware of the benefits of relationship will tend to focus primarily on what we might call the lower level or entry levels of the intimacy levels, that is to say in connection, commonality and relationship and do not easily make the transition past these introductory and often comfortable levels. We will provide examples to illustrate the levels.

Connection begins when two fragments recognize that a pull exists between them and often includes the activation of the chakric system most usually the second and fourth ( sexual and emotional).  The moment that this occurs is often near the beginning or vector of the fragments but in fact can occur at any time. Co-workers for example can recognize feelings of comfort with another fragment and choose to leave it at that, that is to say as a connection but without making any efforts to further interactions with one another.

Commonality begins when fragments recognize there are threads that exist between them that might then allow for a sense of similarity which can and we state can then open the door for a relationship to be developed. This is not to say that at the first and second levels that relationship is not extant, but there is not yet an exchange of energy that begins with the third level. At the second, fragment may well notice that they have things in common including interests, tastes ranging from wardrobe to dining, all structural in content but lacking the activity of level three..."

c. 2012 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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