Monday, May 9, 2011

Experiencing the Spaces in Every Day Life

Some days it seems to be easy to be in the moment- the sun is out with plentiful blue skies, there are no pressing work deadlines to meet, and no problems to solve. On these days we remember to breathe in the beauty around us, and find enjoyment in the simple things.

Then there are "those days." The days when the alarm clock goes off earlier than our internal clock, when there don't seem to be enough minutes in the day, or when the puppy eats our favorite pair of shoes which is yes, from my own life! Still these busy days need not be any different than those that at first glance seem more relaxing. It's on these days that we can choose to flow with the river.

Listening to the Silences

Often times our minds are filled with so many thoughts that we are stumped when it comes to finding any kind of respite. One thought seems to lead to another, and before you know it, we are having imaginary conversations with ourselves! Worries can fill our minds, cashing in on our deepest fears and insecurities with "reasonable" explanations and excuses not to mention arguments for the validity of whatever the issue of the day is.

So how do we turn off our monkey minds?  By listening to the silence in between sounds in our external environment. The birds are singing. The chimes blow in the wind and make a soothing sound. Rain drips on the rooftop. The wind blows. Cars whizzing by on the freeway or neighborhood roads, the fog horn blows. We sit by the ocean and listen to the crash of the waves. Wonderful.

Once you have tuned into the sounds of nature, then go one step deeper. Listen for the silence in between the sound of the chimes, the birds singing, waves crashing.

Listen for that moment. Breathe in that moment. Be in the silence. For once you become aware of the possibility of quieting your mind anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances, you have a powerful tool for increasing self awareness and presence.

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  1. Lovely post, and iris is one of my favorites.

    Living in The Woods is a perfect place in which to 'listen to the silence'. Thank you for this validation!