Monday, April 11, 2011

Into the Silence

Today I found myself listening to the silence between sounds. At first, I was drawn to my spring garden where birds are singing, tibetan chimes are ringing, coastal winds are blowing.

What a delight it was!

Not that I am unfamiliar with silence; my work requires long periods where cessation of sound is a a necessity as I listen to the quiet voice, the channeled voice, that will, hopefully, shed insight for my clients who have gifted me with their questions. Most days I wake early when it is still quiet outside so as not to be disturbed by the day! What an amusing thought that is!  Still, (alert, causal plane humor aboard :-) ) I do seek out quiet times so that I can clearly hear the voice I have learned to recognize through the years.

Even so, today, once my work was done, became an adventurous day as I focused my attention on those in between places, those silences after the "ring" and before the next sound of the chime. I let my attention drift into the singing of our local Robin, a merry little song with little time between one round and the next. The cars are passing on the coast highway, only a few blocks from here, a steady stream of background noise for awhile, then silence before the next vehicles pass by. Clocks ticking, dog barks, people talking. All the sounds of the day with moments of silence scattered in here and there.

Listening in this way quieted my own mind and need to talk to others about all those random ideas running through my head. Another surprise! I became part of the silence save the clicking of keys on my laptop, also replete with spaces dependent upon my thoughts and how I executed them, how they were penned so to speak of course. I have landed in a rich landscape, fertile with introspection and quietude. Wondrous it is.....

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  1. Indeed, one cannot have music without silence.