Monday, April 4, 2011

LIFE TRANSITION SIX: Exit Points (Book Excerpt)

LIFE TRANSITION SIX: The Onset of Whatever Will be Fatal

Excerpted from Spiritual Turning Points


"These unique moments are in fact planned for by essence and represent the intersection between unresolved past life energies that have been carried forward to the present and the current life. I like to describe Exit Points as opportunities to get off the freeway of life when things aren’t going so well or resolving the past life blockage and continuing with the present lifetime when things are going nicely.

Take for example a young woman who died at the age of 18 in her past life when she drowned in a river. She has reincarnated and now her 3rd monad is in full swing with all the ups and downs of teenage behavior. One weekend she decides to go swimming with a friend and even through she is not enamored of being in the water, she jumps in the deep end when prompted by her friend to loosen up and have a good time. Several others jump in after her and somehow she gets pushed down to the bottom of the pool where she ingests quite a bit of water in her attempts to free herself and rise to the surface. In that moment the father of her friend sees what is happening, jumps in to save her and does as he pulls her to the surface. Within a few minutes paramedics arrive, they administer first aid, and her life is saved.

If prior to this moment Kerrie’s life had been seriously off track, or if she had been depressed and unable to proceed, she could have chosen this moment as her exit point and the issue related to drowning would not have been resolved. She was, however, doing well prior to this event, so she chose to work through the situation and create a different outcome, i.e. survival instead of drowning and therefore released the past life energies."

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