Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michael on Intimacy Part 2

"All sentient species experience intimacy and such is not limited to this physical earth and propels fragments forward in evolution on every inhabitable planet or every spacial area where ensouled life exists. Individual fragmentation may not appear to you and to your human eyes as ensoulement but we will assure you that there is truth here. Other avenues also practiced by other sentient species and which are a direct avenue to intimacy are the "Trues" – including Rest and Play. We cannot emphasize this enough. You might in fact learn much from Cetaceans, many of whom have become expert in the experience of true intimacy through True Play. Unfortunately, many human fragments consider play a waste of time because it is not work. We assure you it is relevant and should you choose to express the true personality you have chosen in this incarnation."

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