Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Life Task Part One

“We would say that in the most simple terms the life task is the focus which your essence has chosen in a particular incarnation as one with the most pertinent impact in terms of soul evolution.”

“Once the 4th internal monad is complete,then true work on the life task can begin in earnest.”

Michael from a personal session with Victoria

Your Life Task is what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime and can be broad in scope with many possible ways through which to experience it, or more focused or narrow with more specific means through which to meet the goal you have chosen. Some examples of life tasks are "personal power", "world truths having to do with stability","determining what is real", "appreciation of the physical plane", "responsibility", "understanding tonality", "equality", "structures necessary for sustainability". These are a few examples and of course there are many more! The early part of our lives are dedicated to our family of origin, maturation, and foundation level life task work. The task itself however is not fully engaged until post 4th monad when the true personality emerges and until then, we may be learning the necessary skills to accomplish our task through education and life experiences. Once the monad in complete, then essence is more available to us and we can begin to focus on the task at hand which usually takes some 20 plus years to complete.
I will be posting more information about the Life Task in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!
photo by Brad Stone

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