Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fall Equinox: A Time for Balance

"We have sown, we have tended
We have grown, we have gathered
We have reaped a good harvest
Lady, we thank you for your gifts
Lord, we thank you for your bounty
We thank you for all abundance in our lives"

adapted from the Poems of Mother Goose

The Fall Equinox occurs on Tuesday Sept. 22 at 5:18 pm EDT and marks the beginning of Fall, the entrance of the Sun into the sign Libra, and the balance between day and night which are, at this point in time, equal.

Here we have the opportunity to examine balance in our lives and to see with clarity where we experience harmony or balance and where we experience disharmony or discord. As we move into the Fall season, many of us turn again toward work after the summer reprise from the 9-5 or daily grind, having enjoyed some vacation time whether via travel or the new "staycation" where our home becomes our place of rest and renewal until it's time to return to work. Fall brings renewed focus which we can dedicate to new projects which will hold us in good stead through the winter season and into the spring.

Now is the time to honor the gifts you have received this year by making a Gratitude list and sharing it out loud with a friend or loved one. Look at how you give and receive in your life- is your giving equal to your receiving or are there imbalances here? What adjustments can you make to even out the Libran scales?

This is also a wonderful time to create a Giveaway Basket which can be shared at home, work, or with neighbors. What objects no longer hold a vibrant energy for you and could be deliciously appreciated by a new owner? Be brave! Even our most beloved collections can benefit from being passed on to another in the gratitude circle and the wonder is that when you give, you will also receive! Inviting friends over to share a meal and an informal giveaway circle is a way to work with the Equinox energies and enjoy time with loved ones.

Question: How can I bring more balance into my life?

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