Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Come, sweet beauties;
Meditators, yogis, lovers and seekers

You who have walked to Lhasa
On your knees
Meditated a lifetime
Sought the Kingdom in a 1,000 ways

You who have fallen in love
With silence, and
Adore the Holy One

Just listen . . .
There is an impulse
Moving thru silence

It's ringing
In your heart
It is the image of God
Knocking from the inside

There is a Divine Order
Moving thru time
Do you hear it?
It is just beyond your ears

It is calling you
To become your Self
To be the winged creature
That you are

Let that impulse fill your wings
Take flight in it's expression

Address the need
Arising in this moment
To express the Mother's love,
The Father's wisdom

You, who are swan-born
Came to this world for this
You came here . . .
Just for this

Oh, swept-winged beauties,
The flight of the swan

Poem by Chris McCombs

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