Monday, September 14, 2009

Moon in Cancer: True Home

Monday's Moon in Cancer gives us the opportunity to focus on our True Home, or our physical environment that nurtures us. While the recent Taurus Moon gave us pause to kick up our feet outside in the garden, Cancers influence allows for our deeper Moon nature to be expressed through our home environment. Some folks love to live by the ocean, others in the mountains. Urban does the trick for some with a fast lifestyle, lots of interaction, corner Peets coffees and loads of cultural events to attend. For some the more laid back pace of a rural setting is more to their liking with bicycles, walking paths, and a small home town feel which, to them, nurtures their soul.
Looking more closely within your home itself you might find many personal photos, a warm fireplace, and a cozy stuffed chair. Or, you might enjoy the clean lines of a modern granite kitchen, open space and carefully chosen object d'art to complement your taste in fine art. What's most important is that you feel positive and nurtured in the home setting of your choice and in this way it is True for you.
Question: What is True Home for me?

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