Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health in Relationships: Implementation

The 7 Components of Health in Relationships: Implementation

from a series of channeling sessions

The previous two steps in creating Health in Relationships explored what the purpose of the relationships were followed by a look at the structure of the relationships. Both of these processes were reflective and not action oriented and gave us an opportunity to study the relationship, gaining deeper understanding about it before actually "doing" anything about changing it if needed. This third step takes us into action where we might begin by playing out in our minds what the relationship would look and feel like were it in a different structure. Give yourself time here to play with the different options for you may decide the relationship is just fine in it's current form, or not.


What does this relationship look like in the real world?

Do I need to make any changes? These can be as simple as adjustments.

Have I played with the changes in my mind? What would the relationship feel like if it were different?

Is this "right timing" for change?

artwork Blue Mandala

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