Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michael on Choice

"We teach this basic concept because it is the Universal truth which ultimately cannot be denied. We teach that love is the highest truth, and that love is greater than fear. In terms of how we see choice, we understand the myriad of choices which are available at any given time, and this includes the choice to remain seemingly non responsive which of course is still a choice. It has taken us many lifetimes and countless incarnations to fully understand this concept, and we see resistance on the part of many or even most fragments with regard to this concept. When fragments who are in the earlier phases of the evolutionary cycle cling to the personal truth that there is only one truth, "black and white" thinking, and which relate to "right and wrong", then the concept of choice is severely limited because the options are only "this or that", rather than shades of gray and all matters in between. Of course, there are times when choices are less than abundant, but they are there nonetheless. Suffice it to say that we see the larger picture, but it is understandable how a fragment from the vantage point of the physical plane is limited to a more narrow range of choices, primarily due to perception."

Michael Speaks excerpted with permission from a private session.
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

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