Friday, September 25, 2009

Health in Relationships: Purpose

7 Components of Health in Relationships

from a series of channeling sessions

Most of us will experience many relationships throughout the course of our lives including with our parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, lovers, children, teachers, and coworkers.Understanding that some of these relationships may be enduring throughout our lives while others are short term can help us embrace change that is a natural part of life. We will have relationships that help us evolve during key times in our lives only to change and become less important as we continue down the path. The following is the first of seven excerpts from a channeling process with Michael that may help us identify which relationships are current and healthy.


Define and Understand the purpose of the relationship. Is it current?

It is helpful to be neutral during the examination of the relationship in order to avoid exaggeration of relevance and importance.


What are we learning together?

How much energy is there?

Does the other person participate fully or is there resistance?

Does the relationship increase or decrease my energy and focus?

Is the relationship growing as we each learn?
artwork by Daniel Holeman

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