Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael Q & A: The Akashic Records

QUESTION: Please give an example of a specific inquiry as a way to explain how Michael used the Akashic records as a resource to give their response.

Michael: If a fragment asks for the overleaves of Mary Smith who currently lives in Toledo Ohio and is approximately 14 years of age, we instantaneously reference the location of the fragment in physical plane terms and at the same time locate the Akashic record for this physically incarnate fragment within which the overleaves of choice are included for these overleaves are an action that was taken by in this case a mature slave fragment. We would say that the overleaves are more recent in origin than the most recent past incarnation and all the subsequent information which is held within the record of choice. And also simultaneously or within moments (earth) we are able to download or transmit the information to the channel or medium.

If an inquiry occurs which does not include for example the overleaves then we simply sort to the appropriate area within the record much in the way a computer sorts out words or phrases for maximum impact and accuracy. In the case of past lives of note there are impulses which we translate at words to the medium and also impulses which we translate as picture if the medium is adept at receiving such data.

It is possible for us to locate several files which are of relevance and depending on the inquiry and the medium a choice is made as to which file of information is "unpacked". Regardless then of which files are chosen, and whether they are expressed through words or pictures, they tell the same story based on the information recorded in the Akasha.
Excerpted from a private session with Victoria and used with permission.
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

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