Friday, November 13, 2009

What Has Heart and Meaning

Listening to what has Heart and Meaning

A Shamanic Practice

The Shamanic practice of listening to what has "Heart and Meaning" follows the first practice of Showing up. Once you have become focused totally in the moment and are present, then turning your attention inward to your heart is the next step in the process of creating intention and right action in your life.

It is easy to be swept off course by the opinions of others, from what your family and friends think to the larger social opinions "du jour" which change almost daily. If we continue to look outside of ourselves for validation of our own perceptions, then we will continue to be influenced by others. This is not to say that paying attention to what others have to say isn't useful or valid; Rather it means that it is most beneficial to first look inside your own heart to see how YOU feel. Once you have more clearly understood your personal feelings and perceptions, then you will be ready to take the next step which has to with speaking what is true for you.

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