Monday, November 16, 2009

Michael on the 7 Levels of Choice

This is the first of a series outlining the 7 levels of Choice.

What are the different levels of understanding choice by people on the physical plane, from the lowest level of understanding to the highest?

Michael: "We will first outline the seven levels of the choice making process, and this is specifically related to fragments choosing based on their own personal truths, which is of course the criteria which fragments utilize when making such decisions. We do understand that your inquiry here has to do specifically with the progression of understanding related to choice as a Universal truth, but we do think that the understanding of such larger concepts also relates to the processes through which a fragment traverses in order to reach the culmination of such efforts ie decisive understanding.

The first level of choice is Identification with the positive pole of prognosis and the negative lethargy. At this phase of the process a fragment identifies that a choice may be "in order" and sees either the possibility of an outcome in the positive pole, or the inertia which is a result of no action at all, the negative pole. We would suggest that many, many fragments find themselves in the first 3 stages of choice, with a full 48-52% of that total in level one. It is very common for fragments to simply persuade themselves into believing that there are at the hands of "fate" and that it simply is beyond their control to change anything, or to make an internal adjustment in response to a given stimuli. In the positive pole of prognosis it is possible to comprehend the validity or necessity of change and or choice, and it is from this position that fragments then choose to proceed to level two. If a fragment is in the negative pole, it is more likely that the following steps will be taken without due course, with trepidation and certainly with doubt, suspicion and disbelief."

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