Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life and Death: In Memory of Dear Janna

Janna was a seeker of truth.

The first time I met Janna I noticed that she could type faster than anyone I had ever seen and with her eyes closed no less!  She was filled with light, an earnest and dedicated spiritual seeker who struggled with her own demons yet always listened to others.

Through the years Janna and I along with a small group of students continued to gather for monthly channeling sessions, asking the Michaels for "suggestions" and insight to help us make some sense of life in all respects and Janna sought to understand her deepest lows and highest highs and to find some balance. She was always present, a compassionate spirit who easily gave others guidance yet could not easily find her own way.

It's hard for those of us who knew Janna to make real sense of why she would choose to take her own life on November 16th. Just 2 weeks earlier I had written to her, asking if she was ok after reading a post on facebook that was troubling to me. She replied:

"Victoria, thank you. You are not the first person to ask that -- those of you who know the depths of my depression and the heights of my mania. I'm pretty sure I'm OK. Time will tell. My fondest hope is that here in post-chiron, the mania and depression have wed and morphed into a foundation that I can stand on and love -- a foundation that is worthy of all the gyrations. Time will tell."

Her pain was palpable, her hope just as strong.

I know I will miss her and find some comfort in the knowledge that if we so choose, we can meet again, whether on the astral plane where we can share a cup of tea and talk about the good times, or in the future when we will have the opportunity to start afresh. 

Many blessings to you dear sister priestess Janna. Love and light.

photo courtesy of facebook

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