Monday, November 2, 2009

Saturn Moves into Libra: It's All about Balance

As Saturn moves into the cardinal air sign of Libra for the next 2 years, be prepared to see where you have balance in your life and where there is imbalance.

We have the opportunity to see justice in action as our leadership strives to rebalance the scales, becoming true peacemakers who are not only in favor of the rich and powerful, but who now represent the "common man" as well, knowing that all people are equal and deserve equal rights. Of course, this won't happen overnight! But Saturn is patient yet demanding and its own way unforgiving, the "Lord of Karma".

Saturn also insists that we look at our relationships. We will be encouraged (to put it mildly) through external circumstance to look at our own shadow that we project onto others. See someone who is angry and raging? Look at your own unexpressed rage.  Know that person who pushes your buttons? This is the time to look at what your buttons are.

Saturn will begin to show you how you give your own power away through projections which leak energy. And, this Lord is not nice about it!  Become aware of the lessons coming your way and look deeply to see what the true work is for you.

Where is Saturn is in your chart right now?  It's transiting placement will indicate what specific issues are up for you. (see link below to run your chart online)

1st House Libra: balance how you interact with the world, your "presentation".
2nd House Libra: balance money, using personal resources
3rd House Libra: balance daily communications, neighbors, siblings
4rd House Libra: balance home, your "roots".
5th House Libra: balance personal creativity, children, play
6th House Libra: balance daily work habits, health, service to others
7th House Libra: balance relationships and partnerships
8th House Libra: balance how you relate to other people's money, joint resources, sex
9th House Libra: balance educational work, spirituality, travel
10th House Libra: balance work, your social position
11th House Libra: balance your group relationships, friendships
12th House Libra: balance humanitarian work, dreams, intuition

After you have located your current Saturnian placement, take a look at the position of Saturn when you were born (natal chart) and see where your Saturnian lifetime work is.

For example, if you have natal Saturn in the 2nd house, then your lifetime work will have to do with "money karma" and striving to find balance there.  If it's in the 10th house, then work will be where you experience Saturn lessons

Astrologers say that wherever you have Saturn in your chart is where you are likely to experience limitations: However, it is also possible to see Saturn as a Great Teacher. It might not be easy work, but Saturn always rewards work!  Its motto might be "Action, not Talk".

To run your chart online:
Saturn will be in Libra until Oct. 2012
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