Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michael on the 7 Levels of Choice: Articulation and Unification

Michael: "The fifth level of choice is articulation with the positive pole of precision and the negative of befuddlement. Here we find the expressive nature of the sage level both in the positive of accuracy of expression and the negative of confusion and misrepresentation. We would say that articulation could also be said to be definition.

The sixth level of choice is Unification with the positive pole of homogenization and the negative of catastrophe. As is the case in any seven step process, the sixth phase must bring together disparate parts into harmony through the art of blending. The negative pole implies disaster but as noted, many fragments do not reach the 6th level in the negative pole for often times the process is abandoned in the earlier stages. All is chosen however, and sailors have been known to abandon their ships only when they sink and not before, which is of course the seventh level negative pole of desertion."

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