Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Health in Relationships: The Higher View

Creating Health in Relationships: Holding the Higher View

The 7th stage of creating positive relationships has to do with seeing the King viewpoint: There are many roads or ways of being in relationship but not all roads are equal by measure. In other words, the realist perspective is that there are many choices we can make, and not all of them are equal in terms of positive impact on our lives. We learn no matter what we choose but then, are we choosing joy? Or are we choosing strife? Perhaps it is somewhere in between on most days.

Understanding that there can be essence growth in even the most challenging of relationships can help us move through conflict and create more peace with our choices. Understanding that we don’t have to choose to be in difficult relationships and can learn through joy! We get to choose!

Question:  What is my essence learning?

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