Sunday, November 8, 2009

Health in Relationships: Harmony

Creating Harmony and Balance in Relationships

Relationships are always in a state of change and flow. It is only natural that relationships are, as is often true with many other things, constantly moving from states of harmony to disharmony and hopefully back into harmony.

The 6th stage creating healthy relationships has to do withunderstanding where there is harmonic balance in the relationship and where there is fragmentation or disharmony.

To maintain harmony look at the places of discord to find resolution through problem solving. There are many ways to bring us back into harmony including spending non-verbal time in nature, sharing true play with within our relationship, and using the Shamanic tools of the talking stick (see previous blog) to share our feelings while our partner, friend, child, or any other relation to us listens.

Look to nature to see beauty and harmony, then bring that into your own relationships.

Questions: How can we move toward harmony in our relationship? On a scale of 1-5, where are we on the “harmony scale”?

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