Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speaking the Truth without Blame

Following the initial steps of showing up and listening to what has heart and meaning is the Shamanic practice of the East, Speaking the Truth without Blame. 

When we are fully present in the moment and have taken the time, a "pause", to look within our hearts to see what is of meaning to us personally, then we can speak what we have come to understand as true. This practice is about us, and not about the other person in that this sacred communication is not predicated on casting the blame outside of ourselves which in most cases leads to the creation of more fear but is instead focused on clearly communicating how we feel and what we think following self reflection.

In most cases speaking the truth based on our own perceptions without the need to manipulate the other person through guilt, anger, or blame creates an environment where we can feel safe to be heard and to hear others, which together nurtures our relationships in a positive and benefical manner.

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