Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michael on the 7 Levels of Choice: Composition

Michael: "The second level of choice is composition with the positive pole of preference and the negative of concealment. It is at this level that a fragment becomes aware of the components of the choice to be made, the structure of the "issues" and essentially constructs the basis upon which the future choice will be made, and this of course can include desertion (level 7) which is also a choice. We might call this phase a prelude to the consideration of phase 3. The negative pole often times distorts facts which then conceals the validity of truth of a personal nature. In other words, the fragment is unable to perceive the legitimacy of the structural components and therefore discards and or hides the "facts" in lieu of false perceptions. The positive pole allows the fragment to entertain what the tendencies might be without taking the necessary steps toward the finalization of choice."

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