Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perceptual Differention: Young Souls

Michael on Young Soul Perceptual Differentiation
Excerpted from a private session with permission

Michael: Young souls of course "branch out" in order to achieve success and their perceptions are predicated on the experiences of achievement. The monadal processes then are geared toward mastery over their external environment just as the later mature soul cycle is dedicated toward understanding their internal mechanisms through relationships to self and others. During the young soul cycle every monad is evaluated on the basis of their relationship to accomplishment in one way or another and their responses to the world at large tend to be intellectual rather than emotional. Most times a young soul will tell you what they think about how they are feeling rather than the other way around and this is also true of the monadal process as well. This does not mean that young souls do not feel, but rather that emotional center is not usually first and foremost in terms of importance.

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