Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perceptual Differentiation: Mature Souls

Michael on Mature Soul Perceptual Differentiation
excerpted with permission from a private session

Michael: "In stark contrast to the earlier levels, the mature soul is committed to processing the monads with the utmost of emotional integrity and this includes delving deeply into the root causes of all emotional responses. It is during this cycle that the monads and this is especially true of the 4th monad become mired in the responsibility of determining the truth of all things and this is true most poignantly when a mature soul fragment is attempting to understand why another fragment does not feel the same way they do. In the baby soul cycle for example perceptual differentiation is not often validated for the expectation is that all fragments should think the same and if they don't then they are wrong. The mature soul on the other hand realizes that what they feel may be different than what another fragment feels and they are more likely to attempt to reconcile the disparate feelings both within themselves and with the other fragment in order to create more harmony. This is the struggle that occurs in the mature soul cycle and one that need be resolved before the old soul cycle begins and is usually done so through the serving a corrupt master monad when the mature soul initially believes that the other fragment must certainly feel the same but after the monad realized that his is not necessarily true. This particular juncture is an important one in the overall emotional maturation process in that it is at this point that the fragment understands the true nature of perceptual differences".

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  1. This really speaks to me! I struggle with other people's feelings, often not "getting" that they really don't feel the way I do... until I've already gone off the deep end over it. It's really hard for me to just shrug it off and let them feel however it is that they need to feel.