Monday, October 26, 2009

Michael on Perceptual Differentiation: Infant

Excerpted from a private session with permission

Michael: "We will suggest here that perceptual differentiation is perhaps one of the central points in human to human interaction and relationships and this includes both commonalities as well as disharmonies. Many fragments are perplexed when other fragments do not see "eye to eye" with them and often lack the ability to accept such differences, thereby creating both disharmony in the onset and out and out strife if tempers flare and emotions run wild. This truth as we see it becomes even more exaggerated when the various soul age perceptions come in to focus and we do think it useful to study the various modes through which the soul ages process information and this includes emotional responses in order to better understanding the overall evolution of human involvement and relationships.

The infant level soul is unfamiliar of course with emotions as they have little or no experience on the physical plane. Most responses therefore are extreme and based in fear which further cements the "don't do it at all" mentality which is the motto of the infant soul. These early level souls are in fact closer to the Tao than later levels (except old) and yet do not understand the complexities of human experiences as they are still connected if you will to their cadence and entities. The infant soul tends to live on the fringe as do many old souls in order to protect themselves from the complications of everyday life and when they do process their own internal monads in response to external stimuli, they tend to avoid subtleties much in the way a beginning musician is learning to play his or her chosen instrument. The "sounds" that are made are stark in contrast and tend to be "loud" or "soft" rather than "moderately loud" or "sustained". Such innuendoes develop in the later cycles of course. These descriptions do not mean to imply than an infant level soul does not feel love or passion, but rather that these emotions tend to be in the most rudimentary level and therefore their ability to process more intricate relationship emotions are limited and most times avoided due to the fear involved".

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