Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michael's Larger Perspective

Question:  Please explain more about how Michael’s larger viewpoint comes about.

MICHAEL: It might not be amiss here to state that our perspective of life on the physical plane is derived not only from our singular or fragmental experiences while living life on your earth, but also from the culmination of experiences led by all members of our entity which were in total 1050 at the time of fragmentation. Of course at this juncture (on the causal plane), all previous fragmentation has ended due to the nature of the cycles of evolution. This is to say that once a fragment begins the process of incarnation, then the process will be completed. Each fragment will experience all soul levels in the order of infant, baby, young, mature and old, and once these levels are complete the fragment will reunite with the entity in the high astral plane. At this point there is still some fragmentation, but as the entity progresses to the causal plane all memories of individual ensoulment are blended into the knowledge base of the entity and the entity functions as a whole, not as separate parts in individual bodies as was the case during the lives lived. When all experiences are blended and integrated then all knowledge honed during the fragmented process will become part of the greater knowledge of the entity, which while accessible previously by each and every fragment in-between lives still remained separate in terms of the impact on the fragment itself. We do not see this as complex, but rather the natural process of returning to the state from which each fragment came, which is the entity configuration itself.

excerpted from a private session with permission c.2009

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