Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Little Book of Spirit Stories: The Fire on the Hill

This is the first in a series of first hand experiences with the paranormal.  Enjoy!

A Little Book of Spirit Stories
The Fire on the Hill

Beginning in 1985, I had the honor of studying Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children at UCSC with an amazing teacher from Texas, Avon Gillespie. Avon was an African American man, spirited, full of life and passion, who taught us how to teach children from the "inside-out", recognizing their innate musical abilities and love of life. For 3 years a group of us worked closely with Avon and other mentors, developing our own teaching skills and styles. We sang spirituals together, danced and improvised, and experienced music in a new and exciting way.

Then in the late 1980's, Avon became ill with what later became clear was AIDS. At that time, it was still not considered good etiquette to discuss the HIV virus  openly, but we all knew that it was likely that he would not live long which turned out to be true. After his death, we gathered for a series of rituals, the first one in Santa Cruz where we had all studied and where I created the altar in honor of our great teacher.

About 6 months after his death, a small group of us were attending a music workshop in Marin county. After the days activities were done, about 10 of us stood in a circle and spontaneously began singing one of Avon's spirituals, the name of which eludes me now, clapping our hands and singing with enthusiasm!  The circle moved outdoors and we continued to sing, calling in Avon's spirit and remembering him.

Then, just as we finished our song, we noticed with great awe that a fire had spontaneously erupted on the hill just to our right, and as we watched, a Perfect Circle burned in the hillside.

A Perfect Circle!  We stood there as it continued to burn, and within about 5 minutes it had stopped.

Was this Avon speaking to us?  A coincidence? Probably not.

photo stock Fire Circle

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