Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 Shamanic Healing Salves: Dance

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.   Hopi Indian Saying

Dance or movement is the healing salve or medicine of the north.  Through the body we can focus our energies and become totally present, allowing as Angeles Arrien says for the Warrior archetype to manifest in the world, embracing challenges with intention and clarity. Many of us have neglected dance and the importance of movement in our lives.

Part of the reason we have forgotten is that many of us have social expectations about what dance "should" look like, what our bodies "should" look like. Telling us what is cool, hip, graceful, and beautiful. No wonder we shut down and stop moving! There are a multitude of messages in the world constantly reminding us that if we can't keep the beat, we should sit on the sidelines, keeping quiet, and simply watching others even if we long to move and express ourselves.

There are many ways to move from tapping feet, swinging hands, clapping, rolling necks, jumping, twirling, skipping, hopping, swimming, running, bending.

You can reach to the sky, touch the ground, roll in the grass, float in the ocean. Listen to nature and find the music! Or make your own..... So many possibilities.

Today find a way to move!

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