Friday, October 30, 2009

Perceptual Differentiation: Old Souls

Old Soul Perceptual Differentiation
excerpted from a private session with permission

Michael: "When the old soul is faced with perceptual differences there is most often an innate understanding in place which supports the reaction best described as "you do your thing, I will do mine". It is then through this perceptual lens that the old soul seeks a life of relative stability in order to not be bothered too much where he or she is free to experience their "budding" relationship to the Tao which of course has been there all along. Due to the tendency for lack of struggle here, the older soul is less likely to need to duke it out with other fragments in order to prove their point and most times completes their monads with relative ease. Of course there are always exceptions to this as will be indicated in the upcoming case studies. It is important to remember that each and every fragment can choose in each and every moment and there are no blueprints for the "Grand Design" which assures each and every fragment of a "perfect" and "easy"
process through lives on the physical plane. There are of course tendencies and to this we have spoken here. All is chosen".

Water Vortex photo National Geographic

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