Friday, October 9, 2009

Exploring Archetypes: The Fool

I'm apricot dawn and adamant noon,
quicksilver chameleon, full howl at the moon.
Prince Frog-In-The-Well, glad jack of no trade,
a walkabout madman, I'm beds left unmade.
Diamond-draped beggar, coyote's sharp bark;
I'm merry-go-lightly and bells in the dark.
I'm zero that circles all that will be.
I'm newborn and know-naught,I'm spirit set free.

Fools Walk by Cyndi Kirkpatrick (a work in progress)

He is the Walker between the Worlds, the Shaman or Alchemist who is comfortable being both somewhere and nowhere. He is the moment after death and before birth, he is the seeker within all of us. He is both everything and nothing.

The Fool Archetype is aptly represented as the number 0 in Tarot cards and is the moment before birth when the soul is about to embark on the earth bound journey. There is great joy and abandon in this symbol as the Fool literally is about to step off a cliff with a smiling face, unaware of what may come in the future but really not caring much about that at all. He is limitless creativity, spontaneity, and enthusiasm. He reminds us to enjoy being in the moment and to take a leap of faith! He is not foolish or foolhardy or rash, but is open to all possibilities, to anything and everything he may encounter. He has the capacity to give birth to new forms.

Young children readily embrace the energies of the Fool archetype as they dance, play, sing, and enjoy life without fear. They do not look ahead, but instead look at their own feet! This is where I am today, I am alive! As adults we can, like the symbol of the yipping dog in the Fool tarot card, constantly be worried with all the distractions of daily life, and forget our playful nature. Bringing the Fool archetype into our lives on a daily basis creates more joy and yes, fun!

With the Fool energy we can feel light-hearted and refreshed, ready for our new adventure...

Mantras for the Fool Archetype:
"I am curious and without fear"
"My life is unfolding with ease and grace"
"I am experiencing delight in every moment"
"I welcome the day whatever it may bring!"

Tarot card image from the Rider Waite Deck


  1. Brilliant. Well-said. (from a 22 Fool)

  2. Thankyou! I am a 22/0 also :) Starting tomorrow I am going to be blogging about the Tarot in general with tools for self discovery
    along the way.