Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perceptual Differentiation: Baby Souls

Michael on Baby Soul Perceptual Differentiation
excerpted from a private session with permission

Michael: "The baby soul has of course more experience with emotional process but tends to see things in "Black and White" or "right and wrong" and stays most times within the confines of their own social group where such beliefs are in agreement one with the other. Outsiders are often avoided but when it becomes necessary there can be confrontation with strong religious overtones which preface their perceptions with a world view that is decidedly limited. There is no wrong here of course. In terms of their perceptions, we would say that the baby soul tends to see life in a very controlled way which then maintains structure and order. The monadal process is therefore always tinged or tainted with the fear which is a result of their own strict adherence to rules and regulations which are self imposed as well as socially acceptable. Baby souls do tend to congregate together in order to maintain boundaries against the "other" and where they are able to experience safety and assurance of their "rightness"".

photo National Geographic

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  1. My oldest brother is a seventh level Baby Warrior and Michael's description of that soul age's perception definitely fits him.