Monday, June 27, 2011

The Soul's Purpose (book excerpt)

The North and South Nodes of the Moon
"To the astrological layman, the north and south nodes of the Moon are more than likely something they have never heard about. Placed in opposition to each other in the birth chart, they illustrate perhaps more clearly than any other aspect not only what it is you came to learn about (north node), but also what stories you brought in with you from past incarnations (south node). Most people are allied with the south node up until the time of the fourth transition, and it is not until its completion that north node energies come into focus, often with startling outcomes.

It can be that during the external phase ideas that have long
been gestating become more tangible and possible. A long held
desire for leadership in the work place, the trademark of the north
node in Leo in the tenth house, comes to bear following the internal
work when there is now courage to ask for what is wanted. A fifth
house Moon in Gemini conjunct the north node now seeks creative
self-expression through the written word or the performing arts.
Take for example a Cancer south node that indicates that the
home, in a past incarnation, was extremely important along with the
natural instincts of mothering (Moon ruled by Cancer) and caregiving.
For the first forty or so years, Joanie had devoted herself to her
family and the raising of her children often to the exclusion of her
own needs which always came second. After the completion of her
midlife transition, she began to turn her attention to her north node
in Capricorn when she became an expert in finance, applying her
people skills to the housing industry as she helped families refinance
their homes. Megan on the other hand experienced her Sagittarius
South node in her lust for travel, spending the early part of her life
trying all kinds of different jobs in various countries, satisfying her
south node desire for expansive educational experiences. When her
north node came calling at the age of forty-three, she settled down
as a teacher of foreign studies at a local college, all the while writing
her personal story that she submitted for publication, much to the
delight of her north node in the air sign of communicative Gemini.

Changes such as these do not indicate that the south node
influence has evaporated, only that the focus of the individual is now
on the north node. The soul focus in early life is primarily on finishing
up past-life issues, developing the fundamental skills that will later
be used for the life work, and basically setting the stage for the true
work to emerge after the completion of this monadal transition. At
this point, the south node stays more in the background with the
north node moving into a position of primary interest and influence
with a defined energetic push toward new awareness related to life
purpose. It is then during the external phase that actions may be
taken that set up the next twenty years of life where the life focus
will be completed."

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