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Astrology and the Third Transition (book excerpt)

Astrology and the Third Transition (excerpt from Chapter 3 Spiritual Turning Points)

"There are several astrological transits to the Natal or Birth chart which every person experiences in order to evolve. The first one occurs at about the age of 15. 

Saturn oppose Saturn (15-16 years)

Astrologers refer to this transit as one of the first karmic events you have in a lifetime. It’s a “Me versus the World” confrontation and introduces the primary issue that will become a focal point throughout the life. This transit can coincide with the choosing of the primary defense system and marks the creation of a solid False Persona as the Saturn opposition creates tension and the strong desire to break away from the demands of the nuclear family.  Suddenly childhood is over as the challenges of life become clear. Saturn transits often include tangles with authority figures, legal problems, rules, and physical plane limitations. It is a time of testing and hard work. But Saturn also gives rewards: this may be a time when, after the work has been accomplished, a new vision of one’s mission in life becomes apparent even if it is not clear until after the completion of the 4th Transition somewhere in the late 30’s to mid 40’s.

Uranus square Uranus (20-21 years)

Uranus is the planet of surprises, breakthroughs and breakdowns, change, and freedom. It’s the “I Gotta Be Me” planet and seeks non-conformity. Perfect for a 20 year old!  This is the time for trying new things, travel, and more experimentation. It rocks the boat until you step out. For the young adult who has played by the rules for the most part, you may see them leaving college early and moving in with their boyfriend. Or a major relocation may be in the works, perfect for a BIG break from the family of origin as a plan is put into place for moving across the country. Whatever the choices here, this time period is a major shake up time with the mantra “Change is Good!”

The First Saturn Return (28-29 years)

The first Saturn return is an important transit that marks the completion of the first full cycle of Saturn’s movement through the birth chart as it reaches its natal position. This time period is the beginning of a new cycle and also requires a serious look at what has occurred in the life to date, what structures are no longer useful and need attention and revision, after which the now almost 30 year old can begin to build the foundation for the next phase of life. Since Saturn is the natural home of the earth sign Capricorn, most of these events are tangible and easily seen or grasped and may include job and location changes, malfunctions of the physical body such as the need for dentistry or chiropractic work, and an underlying need to change anything that isn’t going to be used in the next phase.

For many, this time period can be rocky as old structures disintegrate and the new ones have yet to be created. It also marks the time when the 3rd transition is usually complete in Western culture but it may not be until after the resolution of this transit that the monad is finished due to the changes that are usually necessary during this Saturn transit. Lasting about a year, many challenges are presented that hopefully can be addressed, resolved, and integrated as part of the restructuring process."

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